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Day 49 - Seven Powers Charm Used for Healing and Comfort

On Day One we started with the idea of a mini-release program to help us motor through the tidal wave of the bizarre change that we faced.  I think we were all pretty excited to work together -- keeping it simple; yet, accomplishing something each day.  The program worked well, until, in the third week, I realized that there was nothing "mini" about our collective experience.  As the days continued to march forward and we all began to change in different ways, I understood that at some point, I would have to transform our work from the release program and the quarantine mindset to something a little gutsier.  Something that could met the challenges you face. 

Explain to me how there is still NO toilet paper?  What beastly creature has absconded with those fluffy rolls for its nest?  How many little mishappen creatures will be born with a penchant to feather their future abodes with what I, as a human, simply MUST have to survive?

 I digress.

Change is usually not focused to one area of life -- the adjustments ripple out, flowing to every corner of our manifestation.  We let go of some things, add others.  Change direction.  We navigate to better choices.  We find renewed interest in our journey.  We embrace the excitement of energy pattern change. I do.  How about you?

I started looking at better tools and more unique ways of doing business.  I worked on improvements to this blog, and basically crawled out from under my rock embracing the cyber world with gusto.  I looked at this stupid pandemic monster with its dripping, hungry whiny-baby-pissy-pants fangs and decided it was time to step up to the plate.

And I'm swinging my bat like a madwoman. And I'll be damned if I'm giving up. Things are going to be different? Fine!  Just call me Ms. Adjustment!

Last weekend we used my Seven Powers Charm (one of my favorites) in our online healing circle.  It has such a vibrant ring to it that I decided I wanted to share the magick with you!  I know that the changes brought on by the pandemic have been very hard for so many.   I got the idea that if I filmed an actual fire working, you could do the magick right along with me -- the more people that view the little film clip and help with the enchantment -- the more power it will have for everyone.  My intent for this simple spell was straightforward -- Healing and Comfort for all in need.  That's it.  I used one of my healing firestarters made of soy wax, items from the woods, and dried herbs including rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, and rose petals as my fire focus with my petition written on the bottom of the starter.  I only mention this because you might want to do the same thing.  I trucked out to the fire circle, built a little pile of sticks, dried leaves, and grasses in the cauldron Celia gave me, and placed the healing firestarter on top.  The wind really kicked up a fuss and I was worried the little sticks wouldn't catch, so I sang to the fire (which I often do with my awful, raspy voice) and lo and behold the wind died and the fire flared.

And my granddaughter came outside to ask me, "Ama, did you know that the light in the hallway is hanging crooked?"

Yeah.  Life is real here.

So she goes back inside and I hear the spirits laughing -- "Gotta love them," I said, and went back to my magickal task, where I walked between the worlds with the song of birds at my back, the wind whispering in the trees, and the flames rising to a delightful height.

You don't want to know what happened next.  Really?  So, my next-door neighbor laid on the hood of his cherry red sports car and his wife drove it pell-mell down their driveway screaming at him the entire time.

See?  I told you that you didn't want to know!  

Eventually, the ruckus calmed down.  The neighbors disappeared and once again I found myself embracing the peace of the moment.  See?  That's life.  Peace.  Hiccup.  Peace.  Geeze-Louise!  Peace.  Burp.  Just ride the life roller-coaster screaming in delight and you'll be fine.

You get the idea.

I have written out the charge below so that you can chant right along with me if you like.

Seven Planets light the heavens Seven metals rule the stars Seven angels stir the magick Seven spirits bring the charge Seven beasts and seven birds, Seven drums beat out the word Seven chakras, seven days, seven pillars, seven rays... blend together into one... as I will it shall be done! Seven powers force and form! Come ye here the change is born!

I realize that I will never be a cinematic genius.  That's okay.  We're simply going to magick the!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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