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Day 42 - Quarantine Magick -- Make a Money Rattle!

Backstory:  I designed this money can for the 2020 Great Release Program on Day One back in January.  I remember running around the house like a loony bird trying to find things to make it look somewhat clever. Eye roll.  It certainly looks...homey.  I burned my fingers with the glue gun as usual, and thought, "okay, well, this will do."  

I had no clue.

I placed my money rattle in the hallway by the front door on its own little pedestal beside my musical Buddha, thinking the placement would be perfect to welcome good fortune through my door.  I used this rattle throughout the program, giving it a rumble or two when things seemed a little tight.  And shook the dickens out of it in February, when the electric bill was a hundred bucks more than I thought it would be.

And then the pandemic title wave hit.  

I swayed, spun, reeled, and shivered the heck out of my rattle believe you me many a day during those first few weeks!  Yessir!  As the days marched on and we always had food on the table (and some snacks, too, as my waistline will attest) and the bills paid (and no, we have not received our stimulus check, yet), I began to have more appreciation for my wacky rattle.  When a few friends talked about money problems and about what magick they could do, I shyly told them about my money rattle. 

Okay, so I'm not that shy.

I promised that I would resurrect the information from the January blog entry and post it here so that everyone can make their version of it.  I hope the formula serves you as well as it has me!

Silver's Amazing Money Can Formula!  This money can recipe includes a cleaned food can, metal change, ghost peppers, hot peppers, pumpkin seeds, marigold petals, allspice, dry rice, a magnet, and ginger.  I call this formula amazing because it has been working enormously well -- even through the pandemic!

Paint (or cover with fabric) a cleaned metal can that originally held food that you ate (as long as you did not throw any of the food away).  Fabric choice is up to you -- I used turquoise because that is what I had in my fabric stash, and turquoise reminds me of the flow of money.  Green, gold, and red are also colors of prosperity and abundance.  Place a handful of blessed coins in the can along with a charm for prosperity (something you are confident that means abundance to you) and a spoonful of dried rice or beans, or even unpopped popcorn (as long as it isn't salted or buttered).  I also added ghost peppers, hot peppers, pumpkin seeds, marigold petals, ginger, and allspice.  Cover the can.  Decorate the top.  I used fabric flowers and a Shamrock magnet, then added a Tree of Life decoration and a found feather.  Bless and empower your rattle in the way that is most comfortable to you.

For the first time, shake the rattle in every corner of the house on a Thursday or Friday 1st Qtr Moon to bring good fortune into the home.  Place the rattle by the front door when not in use to encourage good fortune to enter the home.  Shake it like ya mean it when ya need it!  Re-empower your money rattle about every 3 months during a new moon.

Today's Challenge!  Make a Money Rattle!  If you already made this one -- why not give it a fresh decoration or two and re-empower it.  Shake in every corner of the house (it is a first quarter moon right now), and remember to be grateful for what you receive.  Earn 100 Stars!

Give or throw one thing away -- move something into its place.  Never leave a void unattended -- they tend to get into trouble if you leave them to their own devices.

Big hugs

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


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