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Day 37 -- How To Make Your Own Haint Zapper!

I love folk magick!  One of my favorite projects at the change of the season is to make a Haint Zapper!  Now, depending on who is doing the explaining, a Haint has many definitions.  Lee R. Gandee (Strange Experience - Secrets of a Hexenmeister) told me (yes, I knew him) that a Haint was a spirit of anger or great distress manufactured, once upon a time, by a human being.  The emotion was so great that it became an energy on its own and so roams at twilight, zooming along the edges of hills where shadows begin to deepen.   It doesn't think; but, should it trespass over a human it does cause its share of problems!  Sickness, Plague, Injury, Loss of Home or Income, etc.  Then again, some people will tell you that a Haint is a ghost, others say a demon, and then there is the troll explanation.  All of these interesting creatures are thought to cause problems, disease, and dirty luck (bad luck).

Luckily, these denizens of the mist are OCD.  I kid you not!  From here in Pennsylvania, all the way down the Appalachian Trail, it is believed that these bringers of unfortunate energy are compelled to count, particularly if you command them to do so, or cast a spell upon an object that compels them to count repeatedly.  Sort of like the fictional character Monk, but not so loveable.  So, to dissuade them from entering your home, or jumping on your bed, or scaring your chickens or children half to death (both have a tendency to squawk) you give those foul haints a multitude of somethings to count:  Salt granuals, poppy seeds, a command to count the stars in the sky or the number of holes in a sieve, or the blades of grass in your front get the idea.

Today's Challenge:  Make a Protection Object for your front door.  What you create is up to long as you use a strainer/sieve!  You can also add dried herbs, resins, and roots if you like.  The more unique the better! Encourage family members to find objects to scare away the haints!

Super Haint Zapper -- To be empowered and hung on your front door

You will need:  A sieve or strainer, holy water, one quartz crystal, decorations, and a way to adhere your chosen items to the strainer/sieve.

I used bells, ribbons, sequins, a glass evil eye charm, and artificial flowers to decorate my Haint Zapper.  Let your intuition be your guide.  The glue gun is my frenemy; but, it worked fairly well on this project.  I only burned myself twice; that's okay -- I know how to blow out burns.  I glued my quartz crystal in the center, then painted the sieve with holy water AND Florida Water -- I like to be sure.

Bless your project at dawn, allowing the sun's first rays to reflect off the metal.  Be specific in the conjuration of your Haint Zapper-- you want this object to compel a haint/negative spirit to count the holes in the sieve times one trillion without rest or relief.  The idea is that the haint becomes so exhausted that it completely dissipates or gets bored and moves on.  Your Zapper is an enchanted tool of fascination.  Repaint your project every 30 days with fresh holy water or Florida Water to keep your Haint Zapper in tip-top magickal shape.

Summary -- Earn 101 Stars

Give or throw one thing away Today's Challenge -- Make your own Haint Zapper!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!

Big Hugs!


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