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Day 30 - Mini Release Program - The Sacred Dream Snake

Sacred Dream Snake by Silver RavenWolf

A number of friends have spoken to me of having terrible nightmares during this difficult time.  Many of these people are first responders, healthcare workers, and individuals manning essential positions.  There are several general causes from stress to medicines that can affect one's sleep cycle and dreaming.  None of the articles I have read, however, want to venture into the web of the world and how, from a spiritual point of view, these negative feelings and ideas may be pushing into your sweet sleep.  The collective fear of humankind can be a horrendous monster in itself, affecting the dreamtime of the human population -- prying bony fingers into the tissues of your mind.  Pumping up your fear.  Debilitating your spirit.

Himmelsbrief’s For Banishing Maladies

Pandemic or no, peaceful sleep is something that many of us aspire to grab onto and take to bed with us, even in the 21st century!  Insomnia as we all know, is a horrendous goblin of the mind that has plagued humankind throughout millennia.  This charm, found on faded paper at the York Heritage & Trust, York, Pennsylvania, was used to protect an unfortunate soul from night terrors:

Trotterhead (mind goblin) I forbid thee my house and my premises.  I forbid thee my bedstead, my couch.  I forbid thee my horse and my stable that thou mayest not breathe upon me.  Breathe into some other house until thou hast ascended every hill until thou has counted every fence post and until thou hast crossed every waterway and every mountain, and every field...

whereas Albertus Magnus Egyptian Secrets is kinder to your neighbors, and prints it thus:

Bedgoblin and all ye evil spirits, I forbid you my bedstead, my couch; I forbid you, in the name of God, my house and home; I forbid you, in the name of the Holy Trinity, my blood and flesh, my body and soul; I forbid you all the nail holes in my house and home, till you have traveled over every hillock, waded through every water, have counted all the leaflets of the trees, and counted all the starlets in the sky, until that beloved day arrives when the Mother of God will bring forth her second Son. (1)

In both examples, the spell is to be whispered three times prefaced by the beleaguered individual’s full name.  The words of the spell, written on paper, are placed somewhere within the home (or office) where one feels that a trotterhead, bedgoblin, or evil spirit may be lurking.  It may also be carried, pinned to the clothing with a safety pin.  Unlike the Letters from Heaven given to soldiers & service personnel, this second type of Himmelsbriefe , much like the “ticket” used in Granny magick, was both given or sold for a nominal price.  The idea is to keep the evil energy so busy that it can never return to bother the author of the charm.

In 2017 I had a dream of a very simple spirit doll -- a stuffed snake, that was to combat a trotterhead of enormous proportions.  I was told, however, that the time wasn't right to offer the pattern publicly.  Even though it wasn't that special, it just wasn't the time for this working.  I made two snakes to check that the pattern I drew matched my dream.  Those, I gave away.  Then I carefully placed the pattern in my notebook and forgot about it.  My little snake sat unnoticed for 3 years.

Last night I awoke with the message that it was time.

The Sacred Dream Snake pattern I developed can be used for any type of dream magick from enhancing self-esteem, protecting you from nightmares, or gaining the warrior energy you need to get through these difficult times.  Its spirit squeezes the trotterhead or bedgoblin until it is no more.  You can make your snake out of cotton fabric like I have shown here, or you could cut the pattern from felt and glue the pieces together.  Easy pattern!  Easy construction!

I have posted the pattern here, and it will also be available in my WhisperMagick store as a digital file for under a dollar in case you can't (for some reason) print this one out.


I included a variety of supplies to create the snake including:  Cotton fabric, fiberfill stuffing, poly pellets, beads for the eyes, felt for the tongue, and cotton thread for closure.  The magickal components are entirely your choice depending upon the theme of your Sacred Dream Snake.  I used amethyst chips, jingle bells (I place them inside in the tail), a Helm of Awe design with a spell written on the back, and a dream mix for protected and sweet dreams.

Silver's Sacred Snake Dreaming Mix

Chamomile Lavender Rose Petals Hops Rosemary Mugwort A pinch of salt

There is no seam allowance on the pattern because I place the paper directly on the fabric and sewed next to the paper as shown in the photo below.

Pin the pattern onto the fabric and sew next to the paper.

Empower your Sacred Dream Snake at twilight, when the veil is thinnest.  You can use a version of the Trotterhead papers as given above, or write something of your own.  The Shaman Dream Snake design loves the all phases of the moon.  You might want to make a habit of leaving it out under the full or new moons -- whatever feels right to you.  Hang your snake over your bedpost, place on the bedtable or tuck under your pillow.  Tie him to your ritual staff if you like -- he will be happy to travel with you.

Make a snake?  Earn 150 stars today!

Summary -- Earn a Possible 156 Stars

Give or Throw One Thing Away - Earn 1 Star Today's Challenge -- Make a Sacred Dream Snake! Earn 150 Stars Do one 5-Minute Dash! - Earn 5 Stars

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within!


(1) Albertus Magnus Egyptian Secrets or White and Black Art for Man and Beast — Revealing the Forbidden Knowledge and Mysteries of Ancient Philosophers, page 5.  My copy has no author, no date, and no publisher listed, and was purchased in 1992.

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