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Day 29 - Mini Release Program -- Outdoor Gratitude Ritual

Today's Challenge!  Outdoor Gratitude Ritual

You'd think being at home, stuck in a total or semi-quarantine situation that life would be a bit less hectic; but, that isn't always the case.  Sure, you don't have to go as many places; but, that doesn't mean you can be any less responsible.   If you are living with someone else -- they are possibly always underfoot.  You focus on a necessary task, and then your concentration is blown because someone turns the music or television up full blast.  They're jammin'.  You are fuming.  You clean the kitchen, and then someone strews dried herbs all over the counter because they wanted to make a snack.  You are in the middle of filling out an important form online, and someone rushes into the room with something you simply must know RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

And you hit the delete key by mistake.


Anger simmers because you are frustrated.  That's okay.  Time to take a Spirit Walk outside.  Blow the stink off your brain.

Two weeks into quarantine, we covered gratitude and you know what?  Time to gently waltz back there and look at those feelings again.  Let's go outside!

While you are strolling in your yard (yeah, I know social distancing -- however, social distancing does not mean lock yourself in a dark room -- fresh air is good for you) think about the things -- people, situations, talents, etc. that you are truly grateful for.  These things can be personal or more world wide.  Choose a few items from nature.  Sit down outside and place your collection in a circle.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and put your dominant hand (or both hands) in the center of the circle.  Connect with Spirit.  Whisper a prayer, charm, chant, or poem that speaks of your gratitude.  You can use the poem on today's blog pic, if you like.  Repeating the charm 9 times.

When you are finished, leave the circle of items you collected.  Spirit will do with them what she wills.  I guarantee that when you come back inside?  You will feel marvelous!

Summary -- Possible Stars -- 66

Throw or give one thing away.  Earn One Star. Challenge One:  Do a Spirit Walk -- Conjure a Gratitude Spell! -- Earn 50 Stars Do Five 3-Minute Dashes!  - Earn 15 Stars

Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within


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