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Day 28! of the Great Release Challenge — Keep Them Wheels Rollin’

Day 28 of the Great Release Challenge

Your Vehicle Environment says a lot about the way you drive. Messy? Neat?

Day 28 — 2011 Release Program  — Them Wheels Keep Rollin’ Wednesday, 28 December

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2011

The Emotionally Loaded Room — Do You Have One?

I’m sitting here, taking a break, thinking that this room has become more of a mess than I anticipated!  Yesterday’s challenge (which for me is today, I know, confusing) was to de-clutter and organize your favorite room — for me, that would be my office/craft room, which, like my kitchen, is the size of a postage stamp with the edges ripped off.  Your favorite room is one of those emotionally loaded places because that’s where the stuff you like best usually resides.  It may also be the place where you jammed all that junk from this month’s program that you wanted to take another look at, or just couldn’t quite bear to let go of.

The problem with an emotionally charged room filled with lots of goodies that may make you happy (or, at least, did at one time) is that it takes longer to go through it.


I should have remembered that.

An emotionally loaded room can swing the opposite way.  For example, the room of a recently departed loved one or a room where a serious accident occurred.  And, of course, the room of your son or daughter who has moved out of the house to begin his or her adventure into adulthood.

When you start to organize an emotionally charged room you may not get very far, particularly if the room belonged to the now deceased.  The fact, however, that you walked in there and moved at least one thing is a magnificent start.  If you are so emotional that you can’t bear to go through a room, you may want to get the help of a friend or a family member.  It goes easier that way (if you pick the right person).  Sometimes, in their effort to assist, some people say really stupid things.  That’s the chance you take.  They mouth dumb stuff because they are at a loss to make conversation that will ease your pain, so they try what they know.  Just keep that in mind and appreciate them for who they are and move forward.

When my children left to go out on their own, one by one, I found that I had a pattern of release.  Interestingly, two children left me with a totally empty room (except for one item) and two left me with rooms packed to the ceiling.  The oldest and the youngest left the cleared rooms, the two middle children left me to hire the dump truck (okay, that’s how it seemed at the time).  The first time I went into the room after the child left, I sat on the floor and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.  Wisely, my oldest daughter left me a box of tissues.  My youngest son left me a teddybear.  My youngest daughter left me a basket of dirty underwear.  I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t bring myself to weep into that!  I picked one of her shirts.  This uncontrollable weeping, alone, with no one around to see me, was very cathartic.  Once that was over, I lit a white 7-day candle and sage the room, then finish with holy water.  I often left the room completely empty for awhile until I was ready to use it for another purpose.

Your favorite room — the one with all the stuff you love? — can be just as difficult to go through; but, in a different emotional way.  You are first amazed that you’ve been able to put so much junk in there and secondly, a third of the way into your cleaning/de-cluttering it looks far worse than it did when you started — a psychologically defeating occurrence.  Argh.

Our Release Program Motto is:  Never give up and never give in, because you will make it through.

Hettie’s Helpful Hint For Today:  Many electronic items come with a variety of cords — one to charge, an adapter…yada.  If you don’t use them right away and shove them in a drawer or box, later, you won’t know what they are for or which gadget they belong to.  Write the name, make, model, and other important numbers on a manila tag and tie to the cord.  That way, months (or even years) later, you will know exactly what the cord is for and which piece of equipment it belongs to.

Today’s Challenge:  Clean out and Organize Your Vehicle

Your checklist today should include:

1)  Is your current insurance information in your vehicle? 2)  Is your current registration information in your vehicle? 3)  Do you have roadside assistance items in your vehicle?  Different areas of the country require various items — some standard things include flash light with fresh batteries, jumper cables, blanket, jug of wager, and hazard reflectors.  I’ve always insisted that my kids carry an empty metal coffee can and tea candles.  I know this sounds odd — but the lit candle in the coffee can actually help to keep you warm in a vehicle stranded in the snow or ice until you can get assistance. 4)  Vacuum the carpets. 5)  Wash the windows.

Happy Trails!

Hold on…if you already took care of your vehicle due to holiday travel, you don’t get to skate.  Pick something else to release today — make it good!  What if you don’t own a vehicle at all?  What if you walk, bike, or use public transportation?  Then, be creative!  Think of how you can streamline your current travel.  Repair your bike.  Oil your skateboard wheels!

Your Gold Star Meditation

If you complete today’s challenge of de-cluttering and cleaning your vehicle — you earn another gold star!  This is number Twenty-Eight!  Ta-Da!   This star stands for Safe Travel.  Place it anywhere on your aura during today’s meditation.

My Release Diary

I didn’t get finished with my favorite room.  Just too much stuff, and half way through I discovered a bad habit I have.  While working, I take off my costume jewelry, and I let it set there…no over there…under there…in there…oh fer-Pete’s-sake!  I spent an hour ferreting out jewelry and bagging it to go in my jewelry box.

Because the area became so daunting I started separating by theme — Pow-Wow Research Material in one pile, Genealogy Research Material in another pile, Art Material in a third pile — and that’s not any of my tools or other items.  On one side of the room I started with this:

In only three weeks my half-neat hobby room fell into this mess!

and managed to get it to this:

Now, gulp, I have three more walls to do.

Not bad.  Tomorrow, another corner.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Catch-Up Day

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