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Day 27 of the Great Release Challenge!

Celebrating the Clean Oven!

Day 27 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Four Days — only four more days!  And here’s a big one — clean your oven.  Oh, I know it is painful, really I do!  You’re probably saying, “I bet Silver has a self-cleaning oven, so it isn’t anything to her!”

The answer to this is Yes and No.

Yes, I do have an oven that is supposed to be self-cleaning; however, two years ago some drunk hit a telephone pole down in Franklintown?  Hit the darned thing… twice.  Which threw the power out twice…bang, bang.  Then the power resumed, and the pole went down, resulting in a third power outage that blew the sensor on my electric oven.  Hence, my oven will no longer clean itself.  It is the old fashioned way, or bust.

As I have preferred the bust-part for quite some time, my oven looks like a dried turd patch.

Yes, I realize I could have called a repair man.  Honestly?  Easy-Off is cheaper.  Um, when I remember to even buy it, that is.

Procrastination.  We all have a few little somethings around the house that we really either hate to do, or have avoided doing because we so dislike either the time consumption or the job itself.  Perhaps you keep a sparkling oven, and I say, “Bully for you!”  Now, go find something that you HAVE been avoiding, and do your best to take care of it.

I do so want to hear!  Hey, If I can break down and tell you the condition of my oven, you can share your hidden clean-up monster!  Today?  Today is meeting procrastination face-to-face — and winning!

My Release Diary — I spent the day tidying up the last of the holiday fare, double checked the refrigerator and did some spot cleaning there.  A few loads of laundry and a pleasant nap!  I pulled out that crochet project (I do love it — the color is Heather, a rich green that’s a bit off kilter) and managed to zap up two more squares.  I now have six.  I only have eighteen to go.  Yeah, I know.  It will take me awhile.  I’ll get there.

I spent the day considering some of the ideas I’ve had over the Mercury Retrograde and jotted a few down.  I also pulled out my calendars for 2011, checked on a few doctor appointment dates for my father, and highlighted all the new and full moons for the coming year.  I also took the time today to go over all that I accomplished in these past twenty-six days from cleaning and decluttering to moments of true enjoyment — parties, family time, building the rat palace (okay, so not pure enjoyment; but, I did feel accomplished after that … ahem… small snafu).  Amid the renovation of the bedroom, cleaning the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and hauling out trash from various locations, to giving away the good stuff and relegating the worn and torn to the dumpster of no return — I found several moments of delight, spirituality, joy, and happiness.  What I normally would have found stressful, irritating, or downright annoying I managed to rise above about 98% of the time (hey, nobody’s perfect!).  I can tell you that this holiday season on the whole was just about the best I’ve experienced in the last fifteen years — so…that’s saying something!

How about you?

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