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Day 26 of the Great Release Challenge! — Do You Have the Guts to Recover from Holiday Hell?

Day 26 of the Great Release Program

Don't Hide Behind Holiday Mental Trash -- Release It!

Day 26 — 2011 Great Release Challenge!  Do You Have the Guts to Recover from Holiday Hell? Monday, 26 December

by Silver RavenWolf copyright 2011

Hettie Hint! 

This week I promised you some organizing ideas that our family uses to help keep life a little bit less stressful.  Our first Hettie Hint is from my oldest daughter, who developed the idea for herself several years ago when her husband built her a lovely closet.  The idea worked so well for her, my youngest daughter now uses it, too.

Hettie’s Organizing Tip For Today:  Color code all the clothes in your closets.  This means, hang all the whites together, all the blues, the yellows, the blacks, etc.  “That way,” says Echo, “I can wear clothes by how I’m feeling.  Some days my hands go for the bright colors, like yellow, or orange.  Other days I feel more muted — olive green, browns & tans, or black.  You can also wear your clothes by magickal correspondences, such as Monday’s blue or silver, Tuesday’s red or orange.  Or, you can choose what to wear by the sign the moon is in.  For example, if the Moon is in Virgo, I may wear something earthy and practical.  In Taurus?  Earthy and elegant!  Sagittarius?  A happy mix of reds and oranges with a splash of yellow.  Maybe a fire pendant to go with.”

Clothes in drawers can be done the same way, or, if you notice that most of those clothes are the same color, you may wish to organize them by style.  For example, all the short socks in one drawer, and tube socks in a different drawer.  “If you’re short on drawer space,” says Echo, “no problem!  You can purchase easy, inexpensive insert panels for drawers at places like Lowes.”

Moving Forward and Letting Go

When I talked to my husband about writing the blog today, he said, “You should write about emotional recovery from the holidays.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Some families,” he said, “didn’t have it as good as we did in the emotional department.  Everyone in our immediate family expressed love, joy, and happiness this week.  Yes, there were some sad moments, but they weren’t angry ones.  I mean, look at today.  We were able to spend time with both grandchildren.  A great breakfast in the morning with our granddaughter and a wonderful meal this evening with our grandson and most of the family.  We didn’t experience any flagrant negativity.  Not everyone was so lucky.  You should talk to the Blog People about that.  About how to recover if they did.  There’s a bright new year ahead.  They should concentrate on letting go of emotional pain so that they can experience all the opportunities that the new year will bring.”

“You said that so well,” I responded, “I won’t have to explain it at all.”

“That’s what you married me for.”

Awk!  Men!

Blog People.  Indeed.

Let’s go over a short list that you can use today, or perhaps institute at another time when you are upset over that darned drama:

In Your House:  If you have been following the release program, you already have the equipment and the experience to rid your environment of negativity caused by family drama.  Earlier in the program I gave you a chant or two to use to banish nasty energy.  Use those chants, or a favorite one.  Key ingredients in any house cleansing often include holy water, bells, rattles, and selected chants or charms.  Many use sacred fire or smoke, herbs, scented candles, wax melts, and even perfume.  Banging pots and pans work particularly well to break up deep seated negativity.  Remember to seal the rooms when you are done.  Concentrate particularly on the rooms that the negative person used (living area, a bedroom if they slept there, the kitchen, and the bathroom they used).  Pay attention to the room where you broke down after the drama — the one you ran to in private.  Be sure to cleanse that room, too.

The Clothes You Were Wearing:  If there was an outburst, remove the clothing, turn it inside out, and pinch the edges of the clothing in a dresser drawer.  Leave them there for three days, then have them cleaned or laundered.  Spray them with holy water if you can.  Your shoes?  Again, if possible, spray with holy water or sprinkle with salt or cleansing herbs.

Jewelry You Wore:  Any jewelry should be cleansed as not only was it present during the drama, you most likely kept in on while you tried to emotionally recover.  Salt water for jewelry that can stand it, or wrap it in something protective and bury in a flower pot of fresh dirt sprinkled with dried, cleansing herbs (rosemary, sage, lavender, hyssop, etc.).  Moonlight and sunlight can also act as natural cleansers with the accompaniment of prayers, chants, or spoken charms.

Your Vehicle:  Did you burst into tears when you got into the car/truck after an altercation or unpleasant experience, or did you scream loud enough to curl a dead man’s toes?  Did you have an argument with someone inside the vehicle?  Then you have to cleanse that area, too.

Your Phone:  Yeah.  If you had an argument with someone via phone, that needs to be cleansed, too.  Unfortunately, you can’t slap it in a vat of holy water.  You can, however, wrap it in dry, fresh rosemary and place in a black bag until it rings with a call you WANT to take — that’s your signal that the cleansing is completed.  No kidding.  Worked for me.

We’re ready now, to move forward and continue letting go of those things holding us back.  We have only six days to go, and then our program for this season is concluded!  What if you didn’t have any negative experiences?  Fantastic!  A personal cleansing, though, might just be what you need to rid yourself of stressful feelings that may have coalesced within yourself during your holiday preparations?  Are you sick?  Kid, you over-did-it.  Time to pamper yourself and recover.  Tomorrow is another day.

I know you were very busy these last few days, so I’m going to ask you again how your 3-Minute de-clutter challenge worked for you.  If you haven’t tried it, give it a go today.  How about your 5-Minute evening clean-up?  How did that go?  Again, if you were just too tired (or sick, or busy) that’s okay.  Let’s give it another go.

Your Gold Star Meditation

If you complete today’s challenge of Holiday Recovery — you earn another gold star!  This is number Twenty- Six!  Wooouuuu-hooo!  This star stands for yes, you guessed it, Recovery! Place it anywhere on your aura during today’s meditation.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Re-organize your favorite room or your office space.

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