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Day 27 - Mini Release Program - Broom Enchantments!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

In Pennsylvania folk magick, a broom hung by the front door is thought to protect the household from evil spirits, and nasty people.  Tobacco and other herbs were sometimes packed in a corncob pipe and the smoke fanned over objects, such as the household broom, and individuals to rid them of disease and to dissolve connections "stitched" by malicious people.  Small whisk brooms, decorated for good luck and often made from corn fibers, were used to collect dirt from the four corners of one's home.  This dirt, as well as traditional good luck items (which depended upon the family) were placed in a cotton square and secured in a safe place in the house to encourage the flow of prosperity.  Dirt gathered with this small broom, along with the Himmelsbriefe, was also used to protect children and household members if they traveled far from home (usually placed in a small packet and worn around the neck).

Today's Challenge!   I have two magickal broom activities for you today -- you choose which you would prefer to do.  What?  You want to do both?  Certainly!

Our first challenge is to create a Good Luck Whisk Broom as referenced above.  Decorate a small broom with items from your household that speak of good fortune, prosperity, safety, joy, and happiness.  

This Good Luck Whisk Broom includes found feathers, rags to disperse negativity, an acorn cap filled with chipped citrine gemstone, seed pods from Peru, and a lucky toad pin.

Once you have finished and blessed your broom, visit he four corners of your home with the broom and a lit blessed white candle (you choose which floor, or you can collect from all floors) to gather your dirt.  Light each corner with the flame of the candle before choosing your house booty.  Cobwebs, in this instance, are encouraged.  Place your findings in the center of a small piece of cloth along with other gathered objects from the home that speak of good fortune -- a found penny, dried herbs, lucky stone, etc.  The cloth color is your choice.  Fold the fabric square into a packet.  Secure corners with a bit of thread, a ribbon, or a rubber band.  "Smoke" the packet with incense, sweet grass, or white sage, while repeating this charm 9 times:

"From basement to attic, good fortune resides within.  Joy and health and lots of wealth will always be herein."  

Place the packet near the center of the home.  You can put your cloth square on a mantle, under a rug, or at the top of a kitchen cupboard.  Make a new packet every six months.  Burn the old packet in a ritual fire, thanking the spirit of the house for keeping you safe and healthy.

Rolling Red Devil Spell -- The second activity for today is the Rolling Red Devil Spell.  This is a super fun activity that you've probably read about in a compendium of magickal books -- there are just so many variations!  You simply roll an empowered cloth or yarn ball that you have created around the house with your broom.  Due to its construction, the ball will "pick up" negativity, dirt, hair, etc.  When you are finished, you hit the ball as hard as you can out of the house with your broom, then slam the door.  At midnight, collect the Rolling Red Devil and throw it in the trash.  There are two chants that work well for this folk magick fun -- the Evil Be Gone Braucherei charm:  Evil be gone, do not return, the horse has run off, and the bridges are burned!  or you can use the Rollin' Red Devil Charm:  "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' -- Keep that Devil Go'in!   Cross da floor and out da door!   He be gone for sure! Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Keep that Devil Go'in!"

To make the Rolling Red Devil -- create a core of banishing herbs or objects.  Remember, you will shove this ball out the door and it is never to enter the home again, so don't use anything valuable.  For my Rolling Red Devil I chose what I had in and around the house -- no need to buy anything special:

Red Yarn Citrus Peels Wild Violets A red pepper One Quartz Crystal Dandelion Heads (To PoP off the Devil's Head) A white conjure bag (or you could use a small piece of cloth).

Ingredients for the Devil Ball -- Wild Violets, Dandelion Heads, Citrus Peels, Red Pepper (not shown), and small quartz crystal.

If you don't have red yarn (or any yarn) you can tear strips of old cloth about 1/2 inch wide and make your ball out of that.  Cotton material works best.  Tie the strips together before you roll the ball so that your red devil won't prematurely fall apart.  Place all objects you have collected for the core of the ball in the bag,  Drop a lit match inside and extinguish quickly.  Roll up or fold the bag tightly.  Wind the yarn around the packet until you have a nice sized ball -- about the measurement of a tennis ball.  Smaller and it is a bit hard to hit with the broom. Sprinkle the Rolling Red Devil with Violet Liquid Fluid Condenser or Florida Water.

Remember to fetch your devil at midnight and throw him in the trash!  Family members love chasing the Red Devil Ball -- you can make a game of it bouncing it from room to room.  There's sure to be laughter and squeals of delight as the kids chase the Rolling Red Devil!  Hey!  Seventy-year-olds can be kids, too!  Ya just have to be a kid at heart!

Summary -- Possible Stars -- 101

Throw or give one thing away.  Earn One Star. Challenge One:  Create and Use your Good Fortune Wisk Broom - Earn 50 Stars Challenge Two:  Rolling Red Devil Spell - Earn 50 Stars!

Big hugs!

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within


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