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Day 25 - Mini Release Program - Quarantine Magick -- Egg Spell to Banish Negativity and Sickness

Pennsylvania Folk Spell using a fresh egg,  rolled black beeswax candle, and exorcism herbal powder which includes angelica, clove, white sage, rose, and eucalyptus.

Friday, April 10th 2020, brings us some unique energies -- it is a 3rd Qtr banishing Scorpio Moon on the Christian Good Friday holiday.  Pennsylvania folk magick carries the belief that if you rub yourself with an uncooked egg on Good Friday, all evil and ill-will shall be banished from you.   The egg should be buried at the end of the garden, where the compost pile might be, under a rain spout, or just on the other side of your property line.

Your Challenge Today!  Scorpio Egg Spell

The Scorpio Moon is thought to carry both fertile and cathartic energies.  When the moon travels through the astrological sign of Scorpio she provides a powerful, potent healing window for all manner of maladies. In medical astrology, it is believed that the immune systems of humans and animals ramp up during this time. The Moon in Scorpio is considered the best moon for removing parasites -- real and unseen, and for expelling all manner of illness, negativity, and the demon of the sick room.  The use of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Sassafrass, and Chaparral are thought to be particularly powerful under the Scorpio Moon if used for healing purposes.

For this working you will need a marker, a candle of any color (I rolled a black beeswax one stuffed with exorcism herbs), and a safe way to burn your candle on top of your egg.  Be ingenious.  

Write everything you want to banish on the surface of the egg.  Hold the egg in your hand and imagine the words sinking into the core of the egg.  Gently run the egg all over your body, imagining that it is acting like a magnet and pulling out sickness, unhappiness, etc.  If you break the egg, do it again.  When you are finished, place the unbroken egg in a dish, then light a blessed and empowered candle.  Drip the wax of the candle all over the egg, particularly on the words you wrote.  This action is to "seal in" the negativity that the egg pulled off your body.  If you can juggle it, place the candle directly on top of the egg and allow the candle to burn completely.  You can also put the egg in a clear bowl along with banishing herbs, then place a flat dish on top of the bowl like a lid to support your candle.  When the candle has completely burned, bury the egg, candle end (if there is any), and herbs you may have placed in the bowl at the lowest end of your property, by the back garden gate, under a rain spout, or just on the other side of the property line.  If you are in a situation where you cannot bury the egg, throw it in the trash; but, be sure this trash is immediately removed from the property.

"I conjure thee O being of cleansing and release to remove all sickness, negativity, fear, and unhappiness from my body, mind, and spirit.  In return, I will accept the light of happiness, love, and good fortune into myself.  I know you will do this for me!  So be it!"

Summary -- Earn 116 Possible Stars

Throw or give one thing away - Earn 1 Star Today's Challenge -- Cast the Scorpio Egg Spell - Earn 50 Stars Do three Five-Minute Dashes! -- Earn 15 Stars Post how you felt while casting this spell -- Earn 50 Stars!

Big Hugs!

Peace with the Gods! Peace with Nature! Peace within!


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Apr 09, 2020

Well...not ALL your books...but many of them. They are my "go to" books. ❤


Apr 09, 2020

Ty so much..I love this egg spell, and I LOVE your work; I think I have every book you've written. I hope someday to get to meet you in person.

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