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Day 23! of the Release Challenge! — Do You Have the Courage to Bless?

Day 23 of the Great Release Program

Do You Dare to Bless?

Day 23 — 2011 Great Release Challenge!  Do You Have The Courage to Bless? Friday, 23 December by Silver RavenWolf

The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that the word “bless” is far older than Christianity, and dates back to possible Teutonic derivation, and that the meaning of the word is now an outgrowth of Heathen, Jewish, and Christian influence.

Tis the season that one speaks of Blessings to all, and so I thought I would drag out my dusty, trusty dictionary set that requires the one million power magnifying glass, and figure out just what that word really meant before its entomological gyrations.

Because I was thinking this:  We know (scientifically) that the energy of a curse travels only so far, and usually no farther.  Conversely, we know that good thoughts can literally travel around the world (Google transcendental meditation).  This means that negative people walk around like that ghost pal of Scrooge with their junk clanking all about them, and that people with a positive outlook and kindness in their hearts are capable of a much wider range of influence and creating a much cleaner path before them.  If this were true (I’m postulating) then this is why negative people need folks around them, because they are really weak and need to feed on others to survive…as frequently as possible.


Would that not mean then, that truly, a blessing would be far more volatile than a curse?

Would that not mean then, that to bless someone nasty could ultimately be their undoing?

Would that not mean then, that in order to render justice, a well placed blessing might just be the trick?

That depends, however, on what the word “bless” really meant to begin with.

Doesn’t it?

And what we think that word means to us now.  Specifically, what YOU think that word means.  And how much power it really has.

So what does this have to do with our Release Challenge?  Our Program is all about consciously letting go.  We are releasing dirt, grime, junk, items that no longer serve us, negative energy, clutter, old unhappy feelings, and maybe even a person or two along the way.  We’re doing this in an effort to raise our personal vibrations, seek more spiritual solutions in life, and change our environment to a place of peace and tranquility (such as can be had in 2011).  We’re using a thirty-day plan in an effort to create good habits for ourselves.  We are doing this to grow.

And when we change.

Our environment changes.

And when our environment raises its vibration…

Then those around us either do the same, or leave.

Our goal at the end of the thirty days is to be gloriously dancing on top of the water, rather than drowning in the sea of despair.

You thought I forgot about that definition..didn’t you!  That one for the word “bless”?

There are three possible original meanings:

To Sacrifice To Bend To Purify

The Heathen idea of blessing was “to mark or to affect in some way”  or “to consecrate by rite to render a thing inviolable with an utterance of a formula or charm”

the Glory to God, Saints, happiness, bliss, joy definitions came about after the formation of the Christian Church.

Inviolable has two basic meanings:

1.  Secure from destruction, violence, infringement or desecration — protection

2.  Render the object or person incapable of evil (influence).

Before we go forward here, I have no problem with debate on this post because the purpose of this short discussion is to make you think.  Hard.  And come up with your own answer, which you are free to post under the comments section.

Words are interesting animals, aren’t they?

So, today, our magickal task is designed to push you forward.  Keeping the definitions I’ve give you in mind you are going to


something about yourself that you absolutely hate.   And bless this “thing” for seven days, beginning today.  You choose the incantation.  You choose the rite.  You choose the charm.  It is your magick, after all.

And then…tell us about it!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Release something on your property that has been sitting outside.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Release something on your property that has been sitting outside.

Today’s challenge encourages you to go outside and commune a bit with nature.  Take a walk around your property with a trash bag and get rid of garbage, paper cups and candy wrappers whisked to your roses by the wind elves, things that are not salvageable, etc.  When you’re finished, Ring the bell!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  We have eight days left to tackle what’s on there.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete today’s challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number Twenty-Three!  All right! Oh Yeah!  This star stands for Courage — and place it anywhere on your aura during today’s meditation.

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Recap Day.

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