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Day 23 of the Great Release Challenge!

You've Always Been Able to Do It -- You Just Have to Remember

Day 23 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Clean out your vehicle.  Now…you knew I was going to get to this one, and I didn’t choose a weekend simply because today, I want you to think about what you are lugging around with you every place you go.  Do you toss your mail in the backseat to look at it a month later?  Dirty cups?  Candy wrappers?  Food? (Shudder).  Everything in your vehicle represents your agreement to drag stuff with you.  For example, if your vehicle is filled with old work stuff — you may be living too much on the job and not leaving those worries behind on your down time.  Half your house in there?  Could be you don’t like being alone, and a full car is a comfort zone.  Too many old maps?  Perhaps wishes unfulfilled (okay, or maybe you have a terrible sense of direction).  Whatever the case, your vehicle is a representation of your home away from home.  So, what’s in your car/truck/van/jitney-on-wheels?

What, no vehicle?  That’s fine.  Go through your shoes.

Today, after twenty-three days of good, hard work (which you have done) you are ready to really think about the illustration I’ve given you.  Time to truly examine The Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus.  I realize this is a compartmentalized version of what is available out there; but, it is enough to use as an excellent tool of self-examination, thought control, meditation, and of course, it is a SECRET so that’s very cool, too.  No matter how many times you’ve already read it, each time provides a key to something new as you advance in your personal spirituality.

As Below…So Above.  As Above…So Below.  As Within…So Without.  As Without…So Within.

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on your analysis of the Emerald Tablet.  I’m sure your ideas will be beneficial to all.  Don’t be shy.  There are no wrong answers.  Each finds truth within one’s position — we just may be facing different directions.

As you read through the Emerald Tablet, think about the Release Challenges you’ve been doing.  How do they apply?  Are we not learning to understand the correspondences between the material world and the non-material?  We are engaging our Will (Sun) and our Emotions (Moon) and nourishing our actions with our thoughts (the Braucherie work).  We are learning what we own and what we do not.  We are dealing with the frustration of our environment and the people in it by separating the gross, gently and with great skill.

And all this time you thought you were just stressing over bathroom grime.


My Release Diary

So…the Rat Palace (yes, I’m still stuck on that) presented a major space problem.  The rat is happily ensconced with new things to explore, like wooden blocks, and plastic caves and such.  He’s talking up a blue streak, and after a bit of confusion, has settled in.  He prefers the basement suite.  I, however, found myself sitting in a major pile of … stuff.  With the finesse of a graceful dancer I whipped out the black trash bags — and got to work.  Why is it, I wonder, that one must create so much chaos when manifesting order?

It took me four hours to lug, drag, pull, wipe, untangle, stack, and separate this multi-puzzle-piece of a small room.  I’m still not done.  I did, however, make interesting strides:

1.  Last night I received a great Ghost Hunter kit from my oldest son and daughter-in-law.  Way cool.  It was something I really wanted.  The 9-Volt batteries the kit required were not included.  “I know I have some…somewhere,” I said, “but, I haven’t a clue where they might be.”  My youngest son replied, “Probably in that hutch drawer.”  I shook my head.  “Nope, empty,” and I proudly pulled open both drawers that have managed to stay clean for one week (glory-be).  “Guess, I’ll have to pick some up, tomorrow,” I said, “but, I know I saw one somewhere.”  My son nodded.  “Yeah — me, too, but can’t think where.”

2.  While writing this article, I thought — “I’d really like to include my Emerald Tablet collage I did awhile back.  I know it is around here somewhere…”

and there were several more instances in the same 24-hour-period.

Everything.  I found everything or it was brought into the house within 24-hours that I said, “I know” followed by the item.  Absolutely everything from the battery (found two I didn’t know I even had), to the collage, to an item I’d lost two years ago…yada.


Yup.  And it all started with those two little words — I Know.

So!  I’ll be brave.  I will dare.  That:

I KNOW each and every single one of you working through this challenge will truly find an AWESOME new you on the other side of December.

I know. And it will be so.

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