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Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge!

Treat Your Pet to a Super Special Day -- The Holidays are Stressful for Them, Too!

Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Do something super special for your pet.  Yup.  The holiday season is just as stressful on your favorite friend as it is on humans.  With everything going on, you may have been ignoring your best bud.  Today, do something wonderful for your animal/reptile/bird kingdom friend!  Spend some quality time, playtime, perhaps some overlooked pet maintenance, etc.  Good for your pet!  Good for you!

Don’t have a pet?  I can’t leave you out in the cold.  Not on Day 19.  Not when we don’t have much further to go!  Do something super special for:  A friend, A family member, Charity…you pick!

I do so hope you share with us what you choose to do on Day 19!  We all would love to hear!

My Release Diary:  Spent part of the day with the granddaughter.  I managed to drag out three huge trash bags that were in my son’s old room.  Mission accomplished!  Everyone in the family is preparing for tonight’s Yule celebration — cleaning, picking up last minute necessities — all that!  Tonight, we will be our Yule ritual in total darkness.  The light only comes on at the very end.

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