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Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge — When the Moon Ain’t Talkin’

Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge

Moon Void! One of the Most Amazing Magickal Tools Ever!

Day Seventeen — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Saturday 17, December by Silver RavenWolf

Sorry about Day 16 not going up promptly.  I really did write it and post it per norm; but, for some reason, the article didn’t go up and I was so busy moving stuff and washing curtains that I didn’t realize it until noon.  Argh.

Ring the bell!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Catch-Up on those things you missed.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Catch-Up on those things you missed.

Ahead of us?  We still have the kitchen cabinets and the oven (two of the larger tasks).  Since the weekend is here, I thought I’d mention them in case you have time now; but, won’t have time closer to the holiday crunch.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number seventeen!  Yippeeee!  What does this one stand for?  Living in the Flow of the Universe.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon. (Getting tired of seeing this sentence, yet?)

Moon Voids

Very Brief Basic Description — Our Lady Moon visits each of the astrological signs about two days (give or take) every month.  As she leaves each sign preparing to visit the next, she has a period of down-time that can last a few minutes, several hours, or even a day or so.  This down-time is called a Moon Void or Moon Void of Course.  The traditional meaning of Moon Void is “Nothing Will Come of This”. ***

Since the Moon Void of Course happens so often (almost every other day) and is a part of the natural flow of the universe, we don’t often think about how it might affect our daily lives – we take for granted that plans fall through, people are sometimes rather fuzzy in the brain, that trains are late, luggage is lost, promises forgotten, or phone calls never answered, etc.   It never occurs to us that we can avoid most of this consternation if we pay attention to Lady Moon’s travel plans through the heavens when we first make OUR plans.  To help make life a whole lot easier I’ve written down a few tips on the Moon Voids.

Moon Void Tips (remember these are tips, your ultimate decisions are your own).  As I mentioned earlier, Moon Voids can last only a few minutes, several hours, or up to two days.  You’ll find the minutes and hours voids easy to handle; but, the longer ones lead us into temptation!

1.    Avoid beginning anything when the Moon is Void.  Don’t start a business, group, organization, club, large project at work, etc.

2.   Avoid major repairs.  For example, don’t arrange to drop off your car to have the transmission fixed during a void moon.  It is highly likely it either won’t get done on time, or you will have to take it back again because something wasn’t installed properly.

3.    Avoid making major purchases (or really any purchases but essentials).  Chances are the item will break quickly, be broken when you open the box, dissatisfy you (or the recipient), etc.

4.   Avoid doing dedications, initiations, or working on major rituals UNLESS you need a loop hole.

5.   Avoid making any appointments (baring emergency’s of course).  It is likely the appointment will be eventually cancelled, moved, be late, or not fulfill your needs.

6.   Avoid discussing important matters from human services personnel such as attorneys, clergy, doctors, teachers, counselors, builders, consultants, etc.  The advice may not be worth the breath it took to have the conversation.  Again, use your better judgment.  An emergency is an emergency.

7.    Avoid communications that are VERY important – letters, e-mails, blog postings, announcements, invitations, contracts, agreements, faxes, sales info, etc.  Either your words will be misconstrued, the document will be lost, or your words totally ignored.

8.   Avoid making any plans for parties, vacations, events, meetings, etc.

9.   Avoid making major decisions.

10.  Avoid making ANY promises.

11.   Avoid pushing yourself to produce.  The stress this will cause just isn’t worth it.

12.   Avoid making travel plans – don’t book flights, buy train or bus tickets, arrange for hotel rooms or rental cars, make dinner reservations, plot your travel route if driving, asking a friend for directions, etc.

13.   Avoid choosing new glasses, new dentures, or new prosthetics of any kind.

14.   Avoid the traditional make-over!  You will probably hate it.

15.   Avoid sales promises – it will probably really be too good to be true.

16.   Avoid asking someone to carry a message for you.  It most likely will never get there or     be misconstrued (like the letters, faxes, etc. mentioned earlier on the list).

17.   Avoid making loans, trading stocks, or lending money.

What To Do During a Moon Void

1.       Rest, relax, and above all, don’t worry!

2.       Take a refreshing walk.

3.       Involve yourself in daily tasks, such as housecleaning, cooking, laundry, child care, or practices that are considered your daily routine at work.

4.       Meditate.

5.       Read a book, magazine article or listen to music.

6.       Expect the world around you to have no clue on the importance of Moon Voids; therefore, they will try to force you to plan, make decisions, promises, etc.  Just smile.

7.       Enjoy your hobby.

8.       Reflect on and assimilate the events of the past few days. (That’s what our Lady Moon is doing.)

9.       Watch a movie or enjoy your favorite television show.

10.   Use the Moon Void to Your Advantage!  Loop-holes can come in handy.   (Pay attention to this one!)

If you have never used Moon Voids to your advantage, now’s the time to start!  Over the next few weeks, keep cognizant of when the moon voids occur and how it is relating to your fix-it n’ finish-it work.  It might help if you make a little notebook just for this purpose.  Once the full impact of what happens to you, around you, and for you during the moon voids — meaning once you become aware of this unique energy, you will be shocked at how you can use it to your advantage.    To continue keeping track of the voids, purchase a magickal almanac or astrological calendar that specifically shows Void Moons, or use your search engine on the net to find moon void tables for 2010.  Several astrological sites offer this information at no charge.

Now, some of you might be saying — that’s work I really don’t want to get into.  I don’t like astrology, anyway.

You know?  I hated astrology too, a long time ago — I thought it was too complicated, took too much time, sounded a bit silly to me…and then, wonder upon wonder, something happened in my life that changed my view on it entirely.  I discovered that astrology was useful!  That it had a very viable purpose — that it could tell me how to deal with a particular person, or plan out my day to my best advantage, or most importantly — could help my children.  That was the kicker that got me studying…the need to help my kids.

Here, we’re just looking at the Moon Voids — something that occurs every other day in your life.  Why not take the ten minutes necessary, read back over the explanation of Moon Voids, and then look ahead at when they occur in the last two weeks of our program.  Write them down on your calendar if you’ve looked them up on the net or print them out on a piece of paper to put with your regular calendar.  I know you will be truly amazed if you just try to use them to your advantage.

***— Here is a fast explanation of who William Lilly was and his contributions to the astrological community.  I have most of his published works, including the various volumes of Christian Astrology, which I use often for magick as well as horary pursuits.  Note that William Lilly defined Void of Course as “not within orb of an aspect” and it had nothing to do with sign changes.

Release Program Diary

Today the Moon was in Virgo, a great time to organize, tune-up, and use one’s logic to march forward!  I spent the day in spot-mode.  Another set of curtains in the wash, another bag of trash out of the basement, shelves in the fridge that someone got yucky found their way to the kitchen sink for washing.  A bit of rearranging, moving stuff up that needed to go there months ago, moving stuff down that needed to go there.  Dusting the bedroom that I can now actually walk through without breaking my neck.  Washed the dog gate.  Thinking about some of the topics I’d like to cover while we’re still working on the program… I’d really like to cover the Moon in the Signs because I don’t think most of us really pay attention to how the flavor of the moon can affect the behavior of those around us and ourselves.  It is so much easier to work with moon energy than against it, that’s why today’s Challenge includes the Moon Void information.

Last night was our regular healing circle.  Lord Thorn joked that his house is super clean thanks to the Release Program.  Lady Tillie and her boyfriend, Scott, told me that last year during the Release Program they got rid of 1,700 pounds of junk!  Wow!

How are you doing?

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Pet Day!

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