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Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge!

Jamieson says -- Tis the Season to Take Care of All Those Loose Ends!

Day 17 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Take care of whatever can bite you in the …um…tuckus.  You know, that stuff you’ve been putting off.  A phone call you should have made two weeks ago, the bill that is now ten days past due (you’ll get there), the doctor’s appointment you were supposed to go to; but, it was cancelled because the physician was sick (hey, happened to us), the bag your promised to sew for your sister, the box of stuff you were supposed to drop off to charity two weeks ago… clear out your e-mail, check on when subscriptions expire, pay attention to your own messes (not those of others).

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to tie up these things and give you a little peace of mind as an added incentive.  Deal with old business now, say the Mercury retrograde experts, and it won’t come back.  Sprucing up the place is not out of line — painting and fixing are okay (they say), hanging the painting you bought last summer and never got around to getting it all on the wall…

Today begins the second week of Mercury retrograde, giving us a great opportunity to reach out and touch folks we’ve not heard from in awhile.  Check on-line groups you’ve joined and determine whether or not you wish to continue participation.  Although outside communication seems somewhat stifled – incoming news can be a whole different ballgame, especially if the information was hidden or not available to you earlier.  Now, the avenue may be open for you to catch exactly what you need.  Finally, if you lost something important in the last few months (a special book, keys, jewelry) Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to do magick for its return, as well as put in a concerted effort to re-search your living environment just one more time.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

Some of you have asked me about the interaction of  yourself and others in the household over your new, de-cluttering routine.  Mercury retrograde cautions that you should “pick your battles” — don’t nitpick.  There will be time enough when Mercury turns direct that you can deliver your change in personal behavior in a more polite, and less controversial manner.

If it is information you need, there is a fun Braucherei (Pow-Wow) spell designed specifically for this purpose.  It is so simple you can hardly believe that it works — but, it does.

Braucherei Way To Obtain Information

Wet an old hand towel or washcloth until it is sopping.  Face east.  (Outside is best; but, if you are in bitter cold climes, keep healthily inside).  As you twist the cloth right and left to wring it out — state what information you are trying to obtain (for example:  I want to know…) and then say (or whisper), nine times:

Twist it right. Twist it left. Wring it out. Come about.

And visualize yourself obtaining what you want to know.  Be sure you end the wringing sequence with a left twist.  That’s all there is to it!  If the information seems slow in coming or you think it might be buried fairly deep — repeat the process twice more — for a total of three sets.  If you need the truth to something urgently?  Add a tigereye gemstone to the water.

My Release Diary — After sifting through a huge pile, both silverware drawers are done!  It snowed a bit here (not much) and I found myself out in it, running a few errands.  Today was a relatively quiet day filled with catch-up tasks, and the evening filtered in a lot faster than I anticipated.  Tomorrow I want to do research on this year’s solstice and eclipse energy.  A few of you have been asking, and I’d like to review the information.  If you want to know what December will be like for you, check out Susan Miller’s website —  You’ll find tons of interesting information there.  I re-loaded my WinStar program (which I never did get transferred to this computer) and will take a good look at it in the morning.  Although it is taking time, the house is feeling better, and I know that when I get my courage up to go in my son’s old room and actually drag out the last of it, it will feel 100 times better!

Keep me posted on how you are doing!  I’ve not heard from some of you in a few days, and new voices are always nice, too!

Onward and upward to an AWESOME new you!

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