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Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge — Would You Give Something Away that You Knew Carried Ba

Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge

Cleanse Everything Before You Give It Away

Day Sixteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge! Friday 16, December by Silver RavenWolf

How was your “Me Day?”  Did you enjoy it!  Excellent!  Time to get back to work!

Feeling the grind yet?  That happens.  Remember, release just one thing per day — you don’t have to release what I say — it is what you want to let go of.  We all live different lifestyles.  There are things I’ll never have to worry about releasing because they are not in my life.  For example, I won’t have to release that old, beat-up, leaky boat because I don’t own one.  You don’t have to go on an insane cleaning spree…unless you want to, of course.

Yes, this is work.

Yes, this will truly benefit you in many ways, especially if you valiantly hang in there the whole thirty-one days!

You can do it!

Ring the bell!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Those little dust catchers.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Those little dust catchers and at least one task you’ve been putting off.

Those little things you have sitting around — for fun, because someone gave them to you, because it looks good in that corner…flap hand…yada.  As you clean each one, think about why you have it.  Just because you like it is fine and dandy, as long as you like it.  However, if you have moved on and ceramic chickens just aren’t your thing anymore, or your frog days have long been numbered and now you’re really into camels…well…give away, sell, or toss…just make sure it leaves the building!

Ring the bell!

Um…hmmmm.  A note about the exuberance of giving away things.  I’d like you to think like a magickal person rather than…well…um…a regular person.  Scientifically, we know that everything we touch exchanges.  Yes, every physical object we touch leaves some of its energy on us, and we leave some of our energy on that stuff, including skin cells, sweat residue, etc.  Keeping this in mind, think about what you are giving away before you delightedly dump it in the donation box.  Yes, I realize you wash the clothing first.  Yes, I know you cleaned up those dishes.  And, yes, maybe you cleansed the objects magickally as well.


Let me give you an example.  Once upon a time a young lady was given a ring.  (Oh, do I hear uh-oh’s out there?)  Because she was a magickal person, she cleansed the ring in ceremony.  She knew that the ring belonged to her boyfriend’s mother; but not the details of the woman’s life.  Soon she discovered that the boyfriend’s mother divorced his father several years before, while wearing the  ring.  With a little digging, the young lady learned that the ring originally belonged to a grandmother, who was an alcoholic, who also divorced her husband.  Do you see where I’m going here?  Every woman who owned that stupid ring poorly chose her suitor, and ended up divorced.  Including the young lady I originally mentioned.  Granted, alcoholism is a disease, and lots of choices were made along the way by all those women…still…

No…I don’t believe in cursed objects…exactly.  And yet…

I’ll be darned if I’d ever wear that ring.

Superstition or reality… even the most logical mind can vacillate on such a thing.

Let me give you an example that may pertain to you and the things you choose to give away.  I’m going to pick a dress watch as our example because both men and women wear watches.  The first time you ever wore this watch, you experienced something extremely negative — a fight with your best friend, your child morphing into demon-spawn, your boss tearing your head off — whatever!  That night, you throw the watch in a drawer, because you’re not really thinking about the watch, you’re thinking about the shitty experience.  The following morning you absent-mindedly put on your old watch.  The new, dress one…well, that’s just for dressy occasions, right?  (This, by the way, is your functioning intuition giving you a logical reason not to wear the watch).  A few weeks go by and you are getting ready for an event that is appropriate for the dress watch.  You open the drawer and your hand lingers over that brand new dress watch.  Instead of picking it up, you draw back.  “Last time I wore this,” you think to yourself, “I had a really rotten day.”  The nasty visualization of the memory pops into your head, you feel bad again, and your fingers curl up.  If you’re stubborn, you might ignore your intuition again, and wear the watch anyway.  Or, you may cleanse it (that’s an option).   Either way, the second time you wear that watch — bingo!  Lousy experience!

Again you throw the watch in the drawer.  And it stays there.  Until now.  Because this is a valuable thing and you’re going to give it away to someone deserving?  Right?

Wait a minute….Just what do they deserve?

All I ask, is that you think about it.  Make up your own mind.  Then choose whether to cleanse and give…or to trash.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number sixteen!  Happy Dance!  This star?


Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon. (Getting tired of seeing this sentence, yet?)

Release Program Diary

Yes, I did my Me Day!  Got my hair cut, my piggies painted, and my nails done!  Then, I came home and cleaned out the silverware drawer, washed ALL the silverware, finally got to cleaning the top of that refrigerator, washing more curtains, and gathered another box of stuff to donate.

I feel like that Target commercial where she throws another present under the tree, stands back, and does a fight-club maneuver screaming “Done!  Done!  Done!”


Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace Within So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  One task you said you would finish; but, just haven’t allowed yourself the time.

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