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Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge!

Only ONE of each?

Day 16 of the Great Release Challenge! 30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  The silverware drawers, even if you only use plastic.  Yes, you knew I was coming to this one, didn’t you?  Yep, let’s toss out the bent forks, the yellowed and plastic cracking infant feeder spoon that hasn’t been used in … oh… two years?  Be sure to clean out the drawers (I know you will) and put things back where you can find them, especially if you plan to do a lot of cooking over the holidays.  That’s Part I. of today.

The holidays.  Yeah.  Them.  Those.  Argh.  Which are fast approaching and I know you’re feeling the stress already.  Crazy drivers, uncooperative weather, checks late in the mail, silly family dramas, job cutbacks, or perhaps too many parties, too many engagements, too many functions that are pushing you, pulling you, and making you feel tired and drawn… shudder.   If you aren’t enjoying them, why the heck are you doing them?  Part II is to help you with some of that.  Promise yourself that for the next week you will get enough sleep and exercise.  No kidding.  Both are extremely important around this time of year (of course they are important any other time) but, right now, remember to take care of yourself.  That’s Part II — I repeat — Take care of yourself.  Please.  Which would include sitting down and looking at your planned schedule from now through the first of the year.  Is it possible to unclutter your schedule just a little bit?  Or, perhaps, group errands together by territory.  I realize you’ve probably already gone over your shopping list for the holidays (a thousand and one times)but, why not look at it from a de-cluttering standpoint?  Did you remember to include an event or function that’s centered on the true joy of it?  How can you combine or even drop some tasks?  Is there anything that can wait until after the New Year?  If not, okie-dokie; but, at least you have provided yourself the opportunity to slow down, evaluate, and choose — something we don’t always do through the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

My Release Diary:  Shopping today.  And of course, I held up the line in the toy store.  I finally turned to the sour-faced shoppers, sang Jingle Bells in my head, and said loudly and nicely:  “I’m so sorry I’m holding up the line.  Granddaughter shopping.”  Bling!!!  Smiles everywhere.  Comments about who was buying what for whom.  Funny what bells and grandchildren combined will do for ya.  Of course, attempting to maneuver the giant, stuffed monkey while trying to pay the bill didn’t hurt either.

Oh, and I bought a toy for myself.  That Disney Mater truck dude?  Yeah, him.  He spins tales to his buddy, and then says, “You know!  You were there!”  Cracks me up every time.  So, I bought a little one for my desk.  My reward for cleaning out the junk drawers.  My second favorite?  Actually, really my first favorite — Shaun the Sheep.  Hey, cut me a break — I have a grandkid.  I’m allowed to watch cartoons.  Really.

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