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Coming Astrological Events — 13 July 2013

I realize I haven’t been posting a great deal this summer, and so I thought I would give you a brief update and show you what I’ve been working on.  In April, I began teaching the on-line Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery course, which has taken a great deal of my time.  This is a dream I’ve had for many years — to be able to share this information.  I’m delighted at the success we are all experiencing as we work through the lessons together.

Currently the course entails downloadable documents purchased out of my Etsy store; however, this is just one part of the training.  Once Lesson One is purchased, the student is added to the free blog, where he or she can interact with the other students.  To date, the blog has 75 posts that cover student information, history, weekly work and weekly challenges.  The work and the challenges are optional — each student works at his or her own pace.  Students send in their photos of their work, which adds to the learning experience of everyone.

Here is an example of one of the posts this week:

This Week’s Work – 13 July 2013

by Silver RavenWolf

Don’t be surprised if you are feeling a little bit sluggish. Mercury retrograde is in full swing and there is probably at least one area in your life that seems to be dragging. You’ve probably been having a lot of great ideas for future projects, places you want to go, and things you’d like to learn. Be sure to keep a list of all those fantastic thoughts so that you can review them once Mercury turns direct and is out of its storm. Mercury turns direct on Saturday, 20 July 2013 at 2:22 PM EDT and 11:22 AM PDT. It will be out of its storm on Saturday, 27 July 2013. Why wait? Astrological data shows that if we move on new ideas during the retrograde, they have a tendency to fail or must be completely reworked at later date. Not all astrologers agree that we must also wait out the storm, and there can be mitigating factors, such as the upcoming Grand Water Trine noted below, that can override the sluggish Mercury. Come 20 July, you will see communications begin to return to normal, and they should be in full swing by 27 July.

This Week’s Work

This week’s work theme: Building- Moon In Second Quarter

This week’s energy theme:  Cancer – Hearth, Home, the Root of Things (Where the Sun is.)

Because Mercury is still retrograde we will continue to follow through on matters begun before 17 June 2013. This fits nicely with second quarter building energy. Although it sounds somewhat boring, this week’s work will garner the most success if we focus on practicing what we have already learned. I’m sure there is something you would like to complete, perhaps an earlier weekly challenge, or some other project that involves hearth, home, or root energy.

Important Astrological Events in the Next Two Weeks:

There are a few upcoming events that are prime for magickal activity that I would like you to make note of in the coming weeks:

20 July 2013 – Mercury goes direct, and can provide a nice slingshot effect for your magic.

20 July 2013 – Grand Water Trine — the word trine means ease — water is flow — this is a three-way trine between Mars, Saturn and Neptune. When Mars and Saturn are coupled with Neptune everybody plays nice and this energy can be a wonderful celestial push for your hopes and dreams.  With Mercury turning direct right before it – we have a marvelous punch of energy to be used to move things along.  This is a good time to empower objects, build your birthing pot, begin training in earnest, etc.  What will vibrate to this tune of energy?  Mars (action) in Cancer (hearth, home, roots) along with Neptune in Pisces (dreams and visions) and Saturn in Scorpio (pure, powerful magick) that can bring great rewards.  What time to work?  3:00 PM EDT, noon PDT.  England?  You are ahead of us, so you will have to calculate accordingly.

22 July 2013 – There are two sign changes. Venus enters Virgo. The Sun enters Leo. A few hours later, is the full moon. But, like the commercials, that’s not all! There is a happy alignment between Mars and Jupiter, making expansion where you most desire, possible.

29 July 2013 – A grand celestial event.  Since we don’t get too many of those, let’s be sure to use them when we have them!  This one is a Grand Sextile – a rare aspect configuration that creates a six-pointed star in the heavens.  There are seven planets involved and some say that this & event heralds the healing energy of the female.  This is a perfect time to dedicate yourself and your energies to your hopes, dreams.  For the Braucher, this would be a perfect time for a personal ceremony of cleansing, healing, and empowerment. My advice would be to begin working in the morning and continue throughout the day, making every activity a progressive, healing, magickal function.

This Week’s Brief Overview:

Monday:  Moon in Libra – you might like to continue beautification of hearth and home – work on artistic endeavors.  Possibility of a gift coming your way.

Tuesday:  Moon in Scorpio – very good day for several magickal endeavors!  Rewards are definitely possible.

Wednesday:  Moon in Scorpio – Uranus slows, stations and retrogrades – the constant grab for new will go on the back burner for a while.  Jupiter brings gifts and rewards that can be emotionally very fulfilling.

Thursday:  Moon in Sagittarius – An old magickal rule of thumb:  if something is stuck – move it when the moon is in Sagittarius.  You may feel frustrated today with delays, particularly with travel, educational, or legal affairs.  Jokes won’t seem so funny, or backfire.  Think of these delays as necessary so that you can fine tune your energy in the right direction.

Friday:  Moon in Sagittarius – Although the day starts out well with the movement you desire it gets a hitch in its giddyup right before noon (EDT), which may lead to frustration.  Hey, its Friday, there’s always another day!

Saturday:  Busy, busy astrological day!  See 20 July write up above.

Sunday:  Moon in Capricorn – You may stub your toe on rules, or run into a block you didn’t expect.  No biggie.  Try organizing things to better suit your needs.

That’s it for this week.

Git yer game on!


I’ve also been busy with my Etsy store — Crow Crossroads — creating new formulas and pouring magickal candles, developing cross stitch designs for the upcoming autumn season, and now and then making a stuffed doll or two.  You can visit my store at

I have reinstituted my website, with more plans for expansion in the fall.  Currently, you can find it at

Here’s hoping you have a delightful summer and wishing you all the magickal glory possible!


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