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April 2012 Prayer List

A Place To List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List

Our circle will meet again in mid-April.  Really great people are driving many miles to attend and work for those in need.  Several individuals from all over the globe work from home as well.  We can feel you when you key into the workings!

Here are the General Rules:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!

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