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Summer Expansion! Baby Crow Herbal Blends

Introducing Baby Crow Herbal Blends!

Our site expands this month with the addition of Baby Crow Herbal Blends! Gathering from the best of nature's bounty, each theme is carefully designed for your intention work, whether you choose to scatter the herbs around a fragrant candle or add them to your creative magick like a poppet, pillow, sachet, or conjure bag. Use coupon code BabyCrow for a 15% discount from 5 July through 12 July, 2018.

Several of our herbs come from Silver RavenWolf's own magickal gardens including white sage, holy basil, lemon verbena, echinacea, African Basil, dill, and more!

African Basil

African Basil

We are one of the few shops online that offers African Basil in herbal blends. The aroma is marvelously spicy and we feel the plant adds extra oomph to your workings!

Holy Basil

This year we are raising an abundance of Holy Basil -- a powerful, fragrant addition to several of our planned herbal blends.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena

Some plants become a gardener's specialty! Lemon Verbena always does very well here.

Pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers

This season we are raising several types of gourds, squash, and pumpkins for food, magick, candle dressing, crafts and family medicine.

We have been growing White Sage for many years. This sacred plant is instrumental in our hearthstone magicks.

Each year we add new plants to our gardens, learning about and enjoying nature's gifts. We can't wait to see what the "Wicked" Pumpkin looks like! We planted two of 'em!

We are always so excited when the seeds from last year's plants self-germinate and scatter the property with lovely surprises! This year several marigolds and snapdragons decided to grow around our Greenman plaque.

Our plants are organically grown, non-GMO. I fertilize with organic materials on the Summer Solstice. When harvested, plants are ritually cut and blessed in our sacred circle over the bonfire.

Marigolds and Snapdragons

Some of our perennial plants were gifts to the garden. We are particularly pleased with the progress of our echinacea, a delightful present from a hearthstone member two years ago.

Our herbal blends are packaged in a 4x4 inch polybag. Each offering includes a quartz crystal or other gemstone and a cotton conjuring bag.

Prosperity packets

Currently we have 15 blends available and we will be adding more as our harvest comes in.

Prosperity Career and Job Find Bitch Gotta Go Banishing Healing Wisdom Good Fortune Open the Way FireWeb Protection Goddess Love, Beauty & Friendship Legal Victory Lucky Black Cat Gratitude Muse Success Spiritual Cleansing

Use coupon code BabyCrow for a 15% discount on our new line of Herbal Blends! Visit!

Happy Summer!


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