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2017 August 21 Solar Eclipse

21 August – Monday – Solar Eclipse (Lasts 2 hours and 42 minutes) – New Moon in Leo -- Let’s get the basics on the table first, and then you can choose how you want to play this day. The Sun in Leo trines Uranus in Aries – ease of power – double fire. The Sun will “carry” this energy with her as she rolls into the eclipse later in the day. To me, everything carries energy with it (for a short time) from where it has been – that’s the science. A book carries the dust or crumbs that were on the table, a person who touches someone else carries those skin cells, the moisture from your breath touches another person’s face, etc. – this is one way that many things are connected. It is also a reminder that all things have their flow pattern (but, that’s another discussion). So…right away, we see added power to the eclipse event. In other words – The Sun trine Uranus energy lit up the stadium and the sun and moon – carrying trails of fixed star glitter and wands of infinite fire, waltz to the center of our focus with great aplomb. Since Uranus is retrograde, the light will be a dull roar. Mars is also trine Uranus – more power, more power, more power with very loud music.

Catchy, right?

Argh. Don’t rain on my parade. Moving on.

Let’s go to the next building block. The Moon is in Leo, 1st quarter. Beginnings. However the “Year” is waning (we are after the Summer Solstice traveling toward Yule in Northern Hemisphere). A happy median on energy consideration might be banishing blocks (as the sky darkens) and then push power into new beginnings as the sky begins to return to normal.

Our next two building blocks are the elements and the sign in which the Eclipse occurs. This would be Fire and Leo – a fixed pattern of energy. This is not a day to be undecided – pick a lane and follow it through.

Leo energy is all about strength, winning, joy, generosity, determination, good times, artistic expression, concentrated focus, loyalty, love, honor and respect. However, if you expect these things? You must give these things to the universe. The flip side of this amazing Leo filter can be boastful behavior, extravagance, pushy, self-absorption, negative approval-seeking, and drama out the wahoo! Those who cannot handle the energy of this day will sink to actions and activities that will ultimately bring misfortune to their doorstep. And, really? The same applies for every day – it is just that the Leonine mask makes the negative behavior more noticeable.

Let’s look at a few other, somewhat off-the-grid bits of information. The eclipse occurs in Lunar Mansion 12 – sometimes called the Lion’s Tail – and brings prosperity to harvest energy, meaning if you work for a successful conclusion of where you will gather in money or other reward – you have a good chance of getting what you desire. (Agrippa – Occult Philosophy – page 369). You can also take this literally if you like, and work for the harvest of your garden. Remember, all things are based on your intent -- what you have previously set into the universe.

The Sun and Moon are also dragging along fixed star activity (which I mentioned earlier) – and it isn’t all royal or honorable. To be clear, the sun moves across these points every year, and of course the moon moves over them also many times during the year – so to hold them up and say the world will explode is blowing things out of proportion. However, the energy of these fixed stars do flavor a given pattern and sometimes…sometimes…we find secrets as they relate to a given situation. I discovered this in horary astrology a long time ago when I added the fixed stars to astrological charts. Fixed stars that are in play are:

Al Pherg – coupled with Uranus – movement and a break in information – an “outpouring” of energy. Pollux – coupled with Venus – strong passions, poisonous people Procyon – coupled with Venus – benefits from influential friends (beware of biting the hand that feeds you or the opposite) Algenubi – coupled with Mars – determined success Foramen – coupled with Jupiter – strength of mind and spirit, prosperity – protect your eyes Denebola – coupled with the midheaven on the east coast Lesath – coupled with the ascendant on the east coast – Tail of the Scorpion – if channeled correctly? Achievement. Otherwise, poisonous. Ras Alhague coupled with Saturn – Called “head of the snake charmer” and is thought to rule medicine -- blended with Saturn it can bring success, BUT, this combo will be active past the eclipse. Manubrium coupled with Pluto – poised arrow of change that can be for good or ill Vega coupled with Pluto – strong passions Alfard, Adhafera, Al Jabbah and Regulus coupled with the Moon and Sun. – The list here is most interesting and has a lot of power with it – and to be honest, right action may be your best choice. Feminine energy can be the boost or the bane. What is most interesting is that the eclipse does not sit directly on most of these stars and is “just out” of that 1 degree orb (as in has passed the star) of some– which means events may already have occurred and the moon/sun combo is dragging the residue energy along. However, the energy is heading toward Regulus – some believe to be the Watcher of the North (there is debate) and a reservoir of success and healing. Negatively, strong passions, a lack of self-control, and poisoning (by self or others) are attached to most of these stars.

Because the eclipse is at the midheaven (either before or after) from east to west coast in the United States? People and things are going to topple – hard, and you will hear about it. However – the upshot of these powerful stars?


We’ve seen the influence of these stars in the last two weeks as the threads of energy started to vibrate. Most flagrant, of course, is the divisive histrionics of old vs new – something that changes but never changes and it depends where the lens of the media is placed on whether or not you hear anything about it. There is always some dumb-shit that wants to move into violence – stars or no stars.

Harmonics on this day include a Grand Trine, a Grand Cross, a stellium (actually two with one set out of sign and involving Mercury, who is retrograde at the moment and therefore will be desperately trying to internalize the energy) and a Basket. This translates into a great deal of power available, and success of what you desire a good possibility. The Grand Cross throws a little goo in the mix – but, really, the best work is often rewarded when we rise to a challenge.

Finally– the Moon is moving “fast” – so what you desire can come to a quick conclusion.

But…what does all this mean?

Boom shak-a-la-ka! Work for Success in the Leonine list previously given (or not – your call). Use Fire as your main element. Gemstones most powerful today might be the use of the Bloodstone or Quartz Crystals – Sun Stone, Red or Yellow Jasper, may also be good choices. Herbs might include: Sunflower, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Eyebright, Frankincense, Marigold, Bay, Rosemary, Orange Peel, Mistletoe, Ginger, and Oak.

I didn’t cover the planetary hour when the eclipse is exact because it won’t be the same for everyone. Here, where I live, it will be the moon hour. However, in Los Angeles, California – it will be the mars hour.

Much can be accomplished with your magick on this day. Take the high road – set your intent – focus on that which will help yourself and others. Even if you can’t set out a full ritual? Sacred breath and whispered chants at the moment of the full eclipse can bring you great reward.

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