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Free Pattern - Bluebird of Happiness by Silver RavenWolf

February 2, 2018





Bluebird of Happiness – Dreaming Bird Series


Happiness, pleasure, delight -- these amazing birds of super blue carry the spirit of grace and joy where ever they go!  Prosperity, good health, personal fulfillment and the gift of beauty and appreciation are all a part of the Bluebird’s spiritual pattern.  To see or dream of this bird in any form indicates that all these wonderful energies are on their way to you!  Placing the Bluebird image in your home in the East window at dawn on a waxing moon sets the stage to bring good fortune and happiness your way and encourages those energies to continuously flow into the family unit.  Give your Bluebird of Happiness an offering of birdseed and water on the first day of each month to encourage you to remember to be appreciative of nature’s beauty!


February’s Dreaming Bird embellishment choices draw in the joy and whimsy of creation!  Feel free to add brightly colored feathers, glittery sequins, and shiny beads to your Bluebird of Happiness!



Construction Supplies

For this month’s project I used the following supplies:


Various colors of blue felt
Perle Embroidery Thread
Needles – one for embroidery and one for beading
Glass Beads
Colored Feathers
Sharp Scissors
Freezer Paper – to transfer your pattern easily to the felt – trace the pattern on the non-wax side of the paper.  Cut out the pattern from the freezer paper.  Use a warm iron to lightly affix the wax side of the pattern to the felt.  Cut your shape out of the felt with sharp scissors.
Glue Gun

A small amount of polyester or all cotton stuffing
Bamboo Stick -- optional -- insert 2 inches of stick inside bird right before you close -- secure with glue gun -- Bird can then be perched in a flower pot or affixed to a larger project.
Pipe cleaner - I wrapped one around the bamboo stick for the leg


Magickal Items to Stuff Inside the Bird – I chose gemstones and herbs that have a general correspondence to family happiness, wishes, and good fortune for the household.



Blue Lace Agate gemstones – for laughter and happiness
A shiny penny (for good fortune)


Herbs Include:
Lotus Petals
Orange Peels
Sunflower Seeds


Here is your pattern!  Children love this one!  Easy to put together, this will make a great gift for Valentine's Day. Perfect to use as an embellishment on a package, or place in a plant on your East windowsill.  





 If you don't want to cut the beak separate -- just extend the pattern as in the example above.

Have fun adding embellishments such as these cloth flowers. You can use the magickal formula given in this blog, or you can look through my newest book -- The Witching Hour for a recipe suitable to your needs.  


 I added the Blue Lotus Flower Petals for peace in the home.


Taco Cat was super helpful in putting this formula together!  If you are busy and don't have time to put the herbal blend together -- we're offering the floral mix in our store this month along with four highly aromatic BlueBird of Happiness soy tea candles.  

 Visit http://www.whispermagick.com 


I do hope you enjoy this month's Dream Bird project!

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