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Wishing Fishes Drawing


I used this drawing in my Great Release Program Blog of 2021 for our New Year's spell.  You receive only the drawing with this listing.  The instructions are here:


I do have New Year Spell for you and your family -- I call it the Fishes Wishes Spell. This listing is for a picture of seven fishes. Each fish stands for a planet that also corresponds to a day of the week AND a particular type of energy vibration. I created these wishing fishes to teach folks how these energies swim in the sea of potential. Speak the word? And the fishes motor out to sea to bring the treasure you spoke of back to thee. We plop those word-fishies into the ocean of energy that swirls around us all the time, every day, not realizing the power they carry with them. By planning our wishes to correspond to the picture fishes, we become mindful of the word/sound vibrations we unleash into the universe.


The spell is a super simple one. Print out the fishes.  The artwork is my own, and copyrighted. You can make as many copies as you want to share with friends and family. Just, please don't sell my fishes! lol


Once you have printed out the fishes, spend time thinking about what you want in life, and how your desires match (or don't) the different fishes. You may notice that I have provided only one keyword, when in reality, we know there are a plethora of keywords for each planet. I provided only one for two reasons: To keep this spell upbeat for the New Year, and because you may be sharing the fishes with your children, and I wanted to keep the associations upbeat and positive.


As to your goals, you can have one goal and use all the fishes in different ways to reach that goal, OR you can have bunches of goals. Your magick. Your choice.


Cut out your fishes (or not) and write your goals/desires on the back of the matching fishes. Color your fishes -- colored pencils, markers, watercolors -- you go! Sing, chant, smile, breathe deeply while you work on your wishing fishes.


For the spell you will need a bell, fire (candle, lighter), and a fire-safe cauldron. If you are working with children, you choose what you feel is appropriate for the release of their fishes. How you do it isn't important -- that they release them in some way it is the key.


When you are finished coloring the images, "speak the words" of your desire over your fishes, so that your breath touches the paper. Three times is best -- Nine for good measure! At the stroke of midnight, say: "I wish, I wish, I wish! I send abroad my fish! May they return with all that I desire! By New Year's Bells and Cauldron Fire!" (or something of the sort -- you choose the words -- they are your words -- your power). Burn the fishes!


I often add fragrant herbs, and sometimes I spray my petitions with perfume (be careful when you burn the paper) so that I create more ambience and mystery. I also use liquid fluid condenser A LOT. Your call.


Within about a week, you should see progress (sometimes before that) and usually within a month you are at least moving forward. If not, consider if you need to change your wording and color more fishes.


You can use the fish spell any time throughout the year -- I simply tailored it for a New Year's gift.


This listing is for my artwork only -- not for magick or a promise of any kind.





Wishing Fishes Drawing

  • Copyright retained by Silver RavenWolf.  You may not sell the fish drawing.  You may make as many copies as you like to share with friends and family.  Please do not copy digitally, or place on your blog, the internet, or social media of any kind.  

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