Silver's Fresh and Dynamic Newsletter feature is Back!  Entitled the Crone Papers, Silver presents thirteen articles for your enjoyment.  PDF format.  Full Color.  Instant download immediately upon payment.  Get your copy now!


This collection includes:


How to Make a Nanny Bag -- An Herb Guardian Conjure  
Pumpkin Sachet Pattern and Good Fortune Ingredient List  

Spirit Walk for Spellworking Supplies    
Horse Nettle Enchantment -- How to Use Horse Nettle for Protection and Healing
FireWeb Oil/Powder Protection Formulas

Algiz Rune Arwork

Shaman Meditation  -- Acknowledging and Understanding Coincidence

Economical Candle Magick

Horseshoe & Apple Spell for Good Fortune

Crones’ Ritual of the Broom for Unity and Manifestation -- a story of community 

Jewelweed -- Banish Emotional Poison and More!

Crone’s Energy Circle Dynamic Model for Ritual -- Easy Object Empowerment


The Crone Papers - Digitial Download -- Issue #1

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