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Teen Witch! Over 200,000 sold worldwide!  Loved by both adults and teens, this amazing book broke the barrier and became an accepted reading choice where no book had gone before.  Letters from fans rave with delight.  On buses, trains, subways, in schools, libraries, and even in recovery houses -- this book has given thousands of young people and adults tools to help create a brighter future.  When one young girl thought her life was over?  She found the book on the subway in New York City.  She wrote to thank me for writing the book and told me of the amazing changes she experienced.  "My life has completely turned around!  I can't thank you enough!  And I hope the person who forgot the book receives many blessings for helping me."


Featuring more than seventy-five spells, Teen Witch! shows you how to use Witchcraft in your everyday life to solve problems and become a more confident person.  Whether you need help with homework, relationships, or people who just don't get it, this witchy handbook gives you practical advice on improving your life through real magick.


ISBN 978-1-56718-725-0


Teen Witch! Book Over 200,000 Sold!

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