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Steady Customers Magickal Oil 


1 fluid ounce magickal oil with Jojoba carrier, essentials, and raw herbs – laced with universal fluid condenser and packaged in glass bottle.  Do not ingest.  


Steady Customers Business Success - can be used for your own business or for the business you work at (or with).

This is a formula I've had for over twenty-five years, shared by a successful occult business owner whose store (seriously) never seemed to be empty. A complex blend of a "special sweet", honeysuckle, tangerine essential, sandalwood essential, allspice, hand powdered ginger, and peppermint leaf (the formula does not smell like peppermint) -- indeed, it has an enticing sweet aroma.


The carstock label is also complex, with occult and standard symbols for making money, expanding your business wisely, and keeping your accounts in the black. The formulas (oil and art work) are not designed to "magick" customers against their will -- they were created to boost you, the seller. When you use this formula you may think of new ideas, be more creative, work to increase your customer care, find better marketing ideas, locate that ever illusive "voice", take a closer look at how you are packaging items -- take better pictures. This formula is a way to tell the universe that you are ready to make the needed, positive changes to be successful.

Here are a few ways I was taught to use this formula:

Place one candle dressed with this oil and powder in the east window on the new moon, surrounded by seven Mercury dimes (if you don't have the dimes, find something silver or real gold) begin burning either at dawn or dusk.


Place one candle (in appropriate holder), conjure bag, or representation of success to you dressed in this oil and powder on a bed of peppermint and patchouli, along with your name and the name of your business.

If your business is stuck, do a cleansing, burn a candle dressed with Open the Way products followed by one white candle (or green) dressed with Steady Customers products each day for at least 3 days.  If you don't see a little movement by the third day, continue for 4 more days. Remember to: Rest, Relax, Stop worrying, and ALLOW new ideas to come through.  Go do something fun!  

If you want to run a sale -- put a white candle dressed with white sugar and honey in the center of your altar.  For more oomph surround the white honey candle with nine green candles dressed with Steady Customers oil and powder.  

OR, you can burn a combination of candles dressed with Steady Income and Steady Customers conjure oils for seven days in a bowl of sugar.

Here is the most complicated way -- but, it works: Fill a small, clear bowl (or a unique, colorful bowl) with Golden Magnetic Sand, a Lodestone, Chamomile, and a found feather-- bless all and sprinkle with empowered water. Next, command these items to blend together and attract the money and business you need. Burn a white candle dressed with Steady Customers oil, one a day, for nine days beside the bowl. Re-empower the spell bowl once a month. 


Color: Green


My formulas are prepared for religious, spiritual, magickal endeavors in the Braucherei/Granny Magick way.  Batches are made in small quantities to ensure quality.


Do not ingest.  For religious/magickal purposes only.  Keep all products away from children and pets.  Novelty products only.  The magick lies in you.

Steady Customers Conjure Oil

  • The true magick lies within yourself.   Whisper Magick does not sell magick although we use various religious practices in constructing your items.  We do not guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working. Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials. We believe that if you think it -- you can be it.

  • Magickal oils and herb infused waters are often used to “dress” candles, objects, and places in an effort to bring a unique vibratory quality into the working.  These oils and waters can be simple or complex formulas, depending upon the practitioner, the nature of the desire, and the overall purpose of the meditation, spell, rite, prayer or ritual.  WhisperMagick magickal oils and waters are not to be ingested.  They are for topical use on candles, on conjure bags, sachets or objects.  They are not perfumes and should not be rubbed into the body.  Magickal workers believe that only a small amount of the oil or water is needed to impregnate the focus with its essence.  There are no directions for infusing the object as we do not wish to dictate your type of practice.  We only use Jojoba Carrier in our oils, which is the best carrier on the market today with a shelf life of approximately 100 years if properly cared for.  Do not leave oils in areas of high heat or place in direct sunlight, as this will cause spoilage.

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