Scrappy Cat Spirit Animal - Black and Grey Motif

Months in the planning stage, I'm delighted to present Scrappy Cat!  A Good Fortune Spirit Animal with lots of personality.  I first saw a design of this type on Pinterest from a sewest overseas and spent several weeks creating my own rendition, developing my own pattern and construction technique.


100% cotton fabric
Machine Embroidery Kitty face
Polystuffing in legs, head, and body
Poly pellets in tail
Good Fortune Talisman, Quartz Crystal, and Good Spirits Herbs in cotton conjure bag in body of cat.  Blue and White ribbon/yarn embellishment with metal bells.


27 inches long
body is 3.75 inches wide
head is 5 inches wide

Weight:  7 ounces (approximately)


Fun design that is somewhat pose-able, this Scrappy Cat makes use of misty grey and black cotton prints.  Legs are hard-stuffed; but, body is soft stuffed and also contains the conjure bag with crystal insert.  Soft body allows the animal to adopt various positions, including lounging nicely over the back of your favorite rocking chair or sofa.  Head is hand-stitched to the body.  This is not a toy and not for children.


Engaging, machine Embroidered face - Sulky thread.  


This Scrappy Cat (you will have to give this feline a name to make it your very own) loves Winter!  Ice!  Snow!  Crisp days.  Sparkling nights.  Hearthfires, bedtime stories, duck, champagne, and catnip!  


Scrappy Cat was buried in a special box for three days, and then completed with a birthing ceremony before the spirit animal reaches you. You don't pay for this. That's just how I make them almost all my dolls and creatures. 


My intent in creating Scrappy Cat was to bring joy and good fortune in healing - the home, your life, your health, your finances, your friendships.


To me, each creature I create carries its own special energy. I promise no magick.  I give you only a very unique product and my interesting imagination of the intention. 


Care: Do NOT put Scrappy Cat in the washing machine or dryer.


Shipped USPS Priority Insured

Scrappy Cat Spirit Animal - Winter