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Instant Download -- Two (2) Colorful BOS Pages -- .PDF format


Silver RavenWolf's Tried n' True Samhain Herbal Formulas!


Powerful, aromatic, and economical, herb mixtures and combinations with other items provide a highly acceptable form of magickal application.  These 27 super-charged Samhain formulas are sure to keep you spookily busy this enchanting holiday season!  A collection of my best Halloween formulas complete with my art work to brighten your magickal notebook, journal, or Book of Shadows.

Instant Download -- Available Immediately Upon Purchase -- print out on white paper, cardstock, or parchment paper -- a unique collection of my most favorite Witchy formulas.


These formulas do not state specific amounts of any one ingredient -- just a little will do!  Here are the formula names:


* Gede Powder -- To Call the Working Dead  (those who will work for you)
* Talking Head for Finding Hidden Information
* Crystal Ball for Any Divination
* Cemetery Lights for Honoring the Dead
* Bone Powder for Casting Lots
* Hounds of Hel -- for Catching Criminals and Finding Justice
* Headless Horseman for Exorcism
* Dem Bones for Uncrossing
* Ancestor Guidance
* Obeah Formula to Call the Beloved Dead and Good Spirits
* Gargoyle Protection Mix
* Zombie Boss Fix
* Healing Spirit
* Haunting! -- To Keep You On Their Mind!
* Ghost Buster
* RIP -- To Lay Problems and People to Rest (Banish)
* Goblin Dust -- Powder to Rid Nasty Neighbors and Co-Workers
* Dark Goddess Offering
* Haunted Mansion Steady Employment
* Bats Blood Powder for Speed & Power
* Three-Legged Toad Money Formula
* Irresistible Blood Sucker -- To compel one to keep a promise or pay money owed you.
* Love Spider
* Till Death Do Us Part Happy Marriage
* Ghost Commando -- To Have Events Go Your Way
* Lucky Mummy for Money and Winning
* Lucky Black Cat -- for Mega Good Fortune


These are my tried n' true recipes that I've been using for many years.  Formulas may list all or a few of the following:  Herbs, Oils, Water, other objects.  Most formulas can either be used as herbal mixtures or turned into magickal powders.  All rights reserved.  No part of these formulas may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from the Author.

These BOS pages are only offered over the Samhain/Halloween season.


Novelty item -- the real magick lies in you!  The word is the art and the art is the word.

Samhain Formulas Instant Download

  • The true magick lies within yourself.   Whisper Magick does not sell magick although we use various religious practices in constructing your items.  We do not guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working. Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials. We believe that if you think it -- you can be it.

  • Material is under copyright and cannot be shared or sold in any form without author's permission.

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