Release! Magickal Oil  


1 fluid ounce magickal oil with Jojoba carrier, essentials, and raw herbs – laced with universal fluid condenser and packaged in glass bottle.  Do not ingest.  Please Note: Due to Covid, cap closure varies based on supplier availability.


Gotta let it go!  This formula is designed for all manner of "release" -- letting go -- allowing to leave...


Perfect as an addition to spiritual cleansings, cleaning day, 3rd and 4th quarter moon dissolution work and Silver's release program.  


The oil contains a combination of Lavender and Rose with a touch of Lilac, lemon verbena, vervain, frankincense, salt and yarrow.  Jojoba carrier.


In ritual breathe deep -- let it go -- let it ALL go! Permit the unhappiness to leave.  Be cognizant that you are shaking off the negativity and stepping away from your baggage!


Let go of all that pain, frustration, anger, feelings of insecurity -- that's what this aromatic brew encourages you to do. Perfect for meditation, working out negative feelings, learning to let go of those things that have angered us so! This is definitely a Rest in Peace formula! Use for ritual, spellwork, cleansings or sacred rites. Can also be used for significant events in life where we have had to let go (divorce, death, lost love, partnership dissolution, change of job, move of house, etc.). When you let energy go -- you must replace it!  Be sure to welcome happiness into your life immediately!  Fill up your new life with thoughts of happiness and appreciation of what you have and the abilities spirit gave you to enhance the lives of others. A spiritual cleansing is recommended after this kind of release activity.


Write a letter that explains what you are releasing.  Place a small amount of the powder in the center of the paper.  Fold the paper away from you.  Dot the paper with Release Magickal Oil -- Burn in a ritual fire outdoors.


My formulas are prepared for religious, spiritual, magickal endeavors in the Braucherei/Granny Magick way.  Batches are made in small quantities to ensure quality.


Do not ingest.  For religious/magickal purposes only.  Keep all products away from children and pets.  Novelty products only.  The magick lies in you.

Release Conjure Oil

  • The true magick lies within yourself.   Whisper Magick does not sell magick although we use various religious practices in constructing your items.  We do not guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working. Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials. We believe that if you think it -- you can be it.

  • Magickal oils and herb infused waters are often used to “dress” candles, objects, and places in an effort to bring a unique vibratory quality into the working.  These oils and waters can be simple or complex formulas, depending upon the practitioner, the nature of the desire, and the overall purpose of the meditation, spell, rite, prayer or ritual.  WhisperMagick magickal oils and waters are not to be ingested.  They are for topical use on candles, on conjure bags, sachets or objects.  They are not perfumes and should not be rubbed into the body.  Magickal workers believe that only a small amount of the oil or water is needed to impregnate the focus with its essence.  There are no directions for infusing the object as we do not wish to dictate your type of practice.  We only use Jojoba Carrier in our oils, which is the best carrier on the market today with a shelf life of approximately 100 years if properly cared for.  Do not leave oils in areas of high heat or place in direct sunlight, as this will cause spoilage.