Psychic Shield Herb Blend and Candle Set


For workings of protection.


4 Psychic Shield Tea Candles
One 4x4 polybag of Psychic Shield Herbal Blend -- approximately 1 ounce of mix
One cotton conjure bag
One quartz crystal 1/2 inch  - size varies
One Psychic Protection 2.5 inch pinback button


Herbal Blend can be scattered around candles, put in the conjure bag with a lock of your hair, your name and any charms you like to focus on protection.  Herbal blend includes:  White Sage, Clove, Rosemary, Angelica, Hyssop, Black Salt, Lemon Verbena.  Do not ingest.


Tea Candle ingredients:


Soy Wax
Organic Coconut Oil
Essential Oils
Cotton Wick for clean burn
Plastic tea candle cup
Herbals Included in Wax


Tea Candles are packaged in plastic bag.   These high quality, aromatic soy tea candles are perfect for spells, mini rituals, quarter lights, meditation, and all manner of mental magicks.  If long burning pillars aren't for you due to living constraints, a hectic schedule, or simply personal preference -- these little gems pack the same high quality wax and herbals as the larger candles.


Directions for Use:   For a controlled burn, cut wick to 1/4 inch before lighting.  Place tea candle in a fire safe holder.  These tea candles are meant for a full burn and will last approximately 2 hours. Never leave burning candle unattended, particularly due to the herbals included in wax.  If you must put this candle out -- remember to trim wick before you relight.  Keep flame away from curtains, walls, clothing, and other flammables.  Always monitor any burning candle.  If you must put the tea candle out before it finishes burning, remember to trim the wick at next re-light to prevent a heavy flame.


Warning: Please use safe burn practices. Any lit candle is a hazard to life and property.


Disclaimer:  The true magick lies within yourself.  Whisper Magick Spell Candle Company or the Whisper Magick website does not sell magick, nor do we guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working.  Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials.  We believe that if you think it -- you make it.



Psychic Protection Candle Herb Set

  • Magickal Powders and Herbal Blends are often used to bring a unique vibratory quality into the working.  These mixtures can be simple or complex formulas, depending upon the practitioner, the nature of the desire, and the overall purpose of the meditation, spell, rite, prayer or ritual, and represent a direct connection to nature.  WhisperMagick magickal herbal blends are not to be ingested.  They are for use in conjure bags, sachets, dream pillows, poppets, stuffed spirit animals, or scattered around a candle magick operation.  Sometimes they are burned in a bonfire out of doors.  Magickal workers believe that only a small amount of the herbal blend is needed to impregnate the focus with its essence.  There are no directions for use of your herbal blends as we do not wish to dictate your type of magickal practice.  Our herbs are wildcrafted (gathered by Silver in the woods), raised in Silver’s garden, or purchased from reputable dealers. For more information about Herbal Powers and Magickal Blends, please feel free to investigate Silver’s book – The Witching Hour – Spells, Powders and Formulas through Llewellyn World Wide Publishing. We also have a download available for purchase on this site about Magickal Powders.