Monsieur Hummer - Wizard Guardian of Your Divinations and Dreams -- Your Dream Wizard Spirit Doll - a Silver RavenWolf Design


It came to me in the night... how others toss and turn.  How just a bit of sleep? or a vision all have earned.  From the mist he came, with breath of blue --  blessings flow from me to you.  Sweet Sleep, Pleasant Dreams, a Vison or two -- with protection and healing mixed all in the brew.  And into my hands he blew this design -- craft it, he urged, for spirit and mind.


In the land of Sweet Dreams and Divinatory Power-- To seal the working -- give your Dream Wizard a secret name!


Height:  26 inches including tip of hat
Weight:  1 pound 13 oz

Materials:  Flannel, Cotton, Tulle, Ribbon, Beads, Thread, Polyfill, Pebbles, Faux Fur, Felt, chenille sticks (in hat and arms), Conjure Bag in doll, Button embellishments.


Packed inside Spirit Doll is a conjure bag for sweet sleep, dreams, and visions, and protection during your sleep and divinatory pursuits. Bag inside doll carries sigil  Trotterhead Be Gone printed paper (a Braucherei charm), crystal, and herbs. 


Guardian Dream Wizard holds a dream bag also stuffed with a small crystal and a bit of sweet dream herb mix with mugwort.  Trotterhead Pennsylvania Dutch Charm on paper rolled with ribbon also accompanies your Wizard.  I know this reads confusing, lol -- Trotterhead charm is both inside and outside of doll.  You can intone the charm before sleep 3 times if you so desire.  Do not place near candles as, like all cloth objects, he is flammable.


Shipping -- Domestic Only - Priority Insured


To me, each doll carries its own special energy. I promise no magick. I give you only a very unique doll and my interesting imagination of her intention. My Spirit Animals and Dolls take many, many hours to design and complete. I work through several stages, using a sewing machine and hand stitchery.  I often construct the jewelry, design the clothes, and stitch the hair. I do hope you will adore my dolls as much as I enjoy making them!


Every Dream Wizard has things he particularly likes -- this fellow's name is Monsieur Hummer, and he was very specific about this introduction.  His spirit animal is a hummingbird (affixed to his hat), and he is also a breeder of dragons (hence the baby dragon buttons on his hat).  He carries a curly staff which is easily removed.  Monsieur Hummer likes dill pickles, fresh peppermint, candied orange slices, popcorn, and rice pudding.  He enjoys the dawn, thunderstorms, and fog.


Art Doll -- Not for children.



Monsieur Hummer - Wizard Spirit Doll -- Guardian of Dreams and Divination

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