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* High quality herbal powder, hand ground -- packaged in 2 inch x 3 inch polybag with colorful label.  Cotton conjure bag, crystal, and incense cone accompany your powder.

Candle Color correspondences for this powder include: Yellow, Green, Orange, Red or White

This Powder Contains: Selected herbals commonly associated with the attraction of money and good fortune, including Sandalwood, Allspice, Patchouli, Peppermint from my garden, Orange Peel, Bay, Galangal, Yellow Dock, and Sassafras from my property, 3 drops of Universal Fluid Condenser and more. No artificial ingredients. No talc. No arrowroot.


This is my "go-to" personal money powder blend -- I sprinkle it on just about EVERYTHING related to drawing money into my home -- using the simple whisper chant "Money comes to me easily." or "Spirits of Good Fortune Open the Way!  Money comes easy to me this very day!"


Sprinkle money powders on ritual items, spellwork, at work when asking for a raise, or if you are self-employed in magi