Lucky Stars Formula Tin Container Candle -- Soy 


This snappy blend of Mimosa, Citrus, Bergamot, Ginger, and crushed Calendula petals is perfect for working luck, money, happiness, and good fortune enchantments.   Bits of orange peel, marigold petas from my garden, and my own precipitate powder sprinkled on top give this fragrant blend a Wowza! effect! 

Weight of wax:  4.5 ounces of wax
Candle is 2.5 inches wide and 1 and 3/4 inches tall

Total weight of tin with candle:  6.5 ounces
Cardstock label
18 to 22 hours burn time, depending upon conditions

Tin is wrapped in natural cord.  Cord can be removed and used in cord and knot magick if you like, or you can leave it on the tin.


Soy container candles are unusual and require their own type of maintenance.   Please read candle instructions on this listing before purchasing.



Lucky Stars Container Candle

  • Whisper Magick Soy Candle Burning Tips


    Many years ago I chose to work with soy wax because the beans are grown in the United States and are a sustainable source. By working with soy wax, I support American farmers and my local economy, which is very important to me.  I have long been uncomfortable knowing that supplies I might choose could come from a country where people suffered work-related abuse. By working with an American-made product, I am exercising my choice based on safety and peace of mind for my customers. Here are a few tips for longer burning soy candles.

    Before lighting flame to wick, do a safety check.  Wick should be trimmed to ¼ inch at all times to ensure a good, steady burn.  Make sure the candle placement is on a heat resistant surface, is away from children and pets, and is not near curtains or other flammables. Our all cotton wicks produce 95% less soot if candle is burned according to instructions. However, any candle is a hazard to life and property.  Do not expose lit candle to drafts, which can corrupt the level and safety of the burn.

    Ready to burn your candle?  Will you be near it for the next two hours?  Soy is unusual!  The wax has a "memory," which means that the first time you burn it, the melt pool (the hot wax around the wick that turns to liquid) has to reach the edge of the container.  The top of the candle will be entirely liquid.  This process takes about 2 to 2 and a half hours.  If you don’t let this melt pool form and put the candle out too soon, it will "tunnel” down the center of the container the next time you burn it.  Tunneling destroys scent throw and cuts hours of burn time off your candle.


    To prevent the soy candle from producing black soot, always trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting your candle. Cutting the wick also helps to control the wick burn so that the flame doesn’t get too high. 


    Always burn your candle on a level, heat resistant surface. If the wick begins to have a large flame or starts to smoke (drafts and other issues can cause this is any soy candle) extinguish the flame, wait until it cools, cut wick, and then re-light.  Now and then the wick might slip (especially if you tied to pick up the candle while lit, which is not recommended).  If this occurs, once the flame is extinguished, gently push the wick to the center using a bamboo skewer, fork or other that can be easily cleaned.  Do not put your fingers in the hot wax! 


    Keep herbals away from flame!  Many of our candles contain dried herbals because the candle formula is designed to create a single “pattern” of energy that you can use any way you desire.  The herbals are part of the pattern.  However, as the candle burns, these bits of material may slip close to the wick.  To avoid fire (your candle burning out of control), push herbals back from the wick using a bamboo skewer, fork, etc.  Do not use your fingers!  Monitor burning candle at all times to avoid fire hazard.


    Tin Container Candle Burn Time is approximately 18 to 21 hours, depending upon conditions and fragrance load.  Burn candle in four (4) hour increments for extended candle life.  Remember to trim wick before re-lighting.


    The cotton wicks I use are sold as self-trimming, which means they are made to curl when burning.  The point of this type of wick is to produce lower soot. While burning your tin container candle, a carbon mushroom may appear at the top of the wick.  This tiny ball of unburned carbon may produce a larger flame. If this happens to your candle, extinguish the flame.  Let the candle cool.  Trim wick.  Relight.


    Nose Blindness occurs when you have been experiencing a fragrance for an extended period – making you think the candle no longer adds the aroma to the room.  You can clear your olfactory sense by extinguishing the candle and leaving the room for approximately ten minutes.  I could tell you to leave the room for ten minutes without extinguishing the candle, but then I would be instructing you to do something the safety instructions tell you not to do – do not leave a burning candle unattended. A friend of mine who blew up her kitchen with a burning candle would agree with me.  Certain aromas that create nose blindness on their own – such as Patchouli.  Ever been around a stranger in public and they reek of patchouli as they sail by?  That unfortunate soul has probably become nose blind to the fragrance and just keeps pouring it on because they can’t smell it! 


    Soy wax is bio-degradable; however, just like coconut oil --never pour wax down your sink drain, it will most likely clog.  Again, I had a friend who did this?  She had to get all new plumbing in her kitchen.  Don’t go there.  (And yes, this was a different friend, lol.)  Once your candle had finished burning, you can clean the cups or tins with hot, soapy water.  Pour this water outside (not down the drain).  Rinse with clear water.

    My candles are NOT body safe.  Please do not apply the hot wax to your skin.  Do not EVER drink liquid candle wax.  Do not place hot or cold wax on fingers, or near sensitive parts of the body. Do not boil my candles.  Do not put candles in microwave.  Do not eat my candles.  This soy is not edible.


  • Please understand that I do not provide enchantment instructions with your order on how to work your own magick or celebrate your spirituality with my products.  If you like something written in one of my listings, please use your printer to make a copy for your records, I do not currently offer this option for you in an effort to keep the costs to a minimum.