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Lucky Black Cat Herbal Powder -- A Traditional Formula for Luck, Good Fortune, and enhanced prospects.  The Lucky Black Cat association is said to bring fortune in marriage, business, and risk-taking (including games of chance and playing the market).  To me, the formula reminds me of the magick I've experienced while visiting different shoppes all over the country -- that air of mystery, that trill of delight that you will find something special, unique...exotic!  


The Logic?  The black wax dispels negativity and clears the way for positive outcomes -- the fragrance boosts your overall intent and is thought to act like an herbal magnet -- you can add magnets to your working to heighten the experience if you so desire.  Remember to set your intent!  The Black Cat association is that of having the ability to walk between the worlds -- to manifest from one plane of existence to another.


Lucky Black Cat Herbal Powder.  Limited Edition Powder includes one black chime candle, one cone of incense, one cotton conjure bag, one crystal, and one package of powder.