Mrs. Pickles' Later 'Mater Herbal Loaded Gemstone Pillar Candle


Mrs. Pickles' has a lovely garden with nary a bug to be found.  You see, her prized tomatoes not only make the best spagetti sauce, but they are also a magnificent defense for the other plants!  (Being from the nightshade family they have a duty to uphold, you know.)  Mrs. Pickles found that if she mixed tomato leaves with chili peppers and liquid soap, she had a very fine bug spray for plants.  After some contemplation, she decided to design an Evil Be Gone candle to get rid of the big, the bad, and the incredibly ugly -- hence the Later 'Mater Pillar!


Defense and Banishment -- You may wish to use the Evil Be Gone Braucherei Chant:  Evil Be Gone, Do not return -- the Horse has run off and the bridges are burned!


2 inches wide - 3.5 inches tall chunk-style pillar

18 - 21-hour burn (depending upon conditions and proper wick care)


Candle Ingredients - Paraffin, Red and Black Jasper Gemstone Chips, One Drop of Universal Liquid Fluid Condenser.  Evil Be Gone magickal powder in candle as well as salt.  Scent:  Ode to Tomato


To add a little power to your candle, surround candle holder with tomato leaves -- just remember they are poisonous -- don't leave them around pets, children, or adults who can't keep their hands off your stuff.


Mrs. Pickles is a mythical magickal lady that lives in an alternate dimension where enchantment is a part of everyday existence. She is quite an unusual character, changing her hair color on a whim, wearing unusual clothing, odd jewelry, off-beat hats, and of course...she has red sneakers with rubies glued on the Mrs. Pickles believes that all acts of magick should be fun and joyful and so she designed her candles with happiness and humor in mind. The outer shell of the candle is white to represent the light of spirit - the candle chips carry the color and fragrance that matches the intent. These candles have a very soft aroma. A small amount of herbal powder and gemstones are "loaded" in the bottom of the candle.


Mrs. Pickles' chunk pillar candles are just the vehicle for busy magickal folk who are interested in casting spells, practicing meditation, or performing ritual, and general enchantments. Everything you need for your working is right in the candle! All the correspondences for the given title match. You just add the intent, blow on the candle 3 times (to push your energy into the candle), and light the wick! You can whisper a favorite chant, drum, sing, or do nothing at all. Just don't forget -- The magick is in you. A candle is only a tool.


Directions for Use: Remove any wrapping or packing paper. Cut wick to 1/4 inch. The wick is left long so that when you cut it, you can "throw away" all negativity surrounding your action when you dispose of the extra wick. Remove hemp cord. You can use the cord for cord and knot magick, or you can throw it away. Remove paper label. You can write your petition on the inside of the label and place label under candle holder if you desire. Place candle in a fire safe holder. Never leave burning candle unattended, particularly due to the herbals included in wax. Keep flame away from curtains, walls, clothing, and other flammables. Always monitor any burning candle. ALL BURNING CANDLES ARE A HAZARD TO LIFE AND PROPERTY.


Later 'Mater Evil Be Gone Loaded Herbal Gemstone Candle

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