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Four Pages plus cover - PDF Instant Download


Add a little energy sparkle to your artwork! Empower your hexsigns, artwork, or sigils with these easy-to-follow instructions! Silver RavenWolf's Braucherei Pow-Wow Hex Sign Empowerment Instructions Book of Shadows Art Pages -- Ritual Guide -- NOT a coloring book.


Electronic download means no postage costs! 


Does it work?  I can only tell you how this technique has worked for me.  From protection, to healing, to prosperity, I have had tremendous success.  I've used this technique in:


* Helping a friend get a new car.

* Healing work for a friend who had a life-threatening medical emergency.

* Protection for mother and child.

* Harmony and blessings within the home.

* Empowering a design on a tablecloth for good fortune

* Finding the medical truth for a family member's dental problems and more.  These instructions do not appear in any of my books -- they are an amalgam of traditional techniques to enhance the energy of your chosen hex sign or design.  The beauty of Braucherei is that it is a system, not a religion, therefore you may choose any deity for inclusion in your ritual if you so desire, or don't add a deity at all.  Works with Angels and Spirits, too!  Technique can be used to activate a new sign/design or as a tried n' true fav for repeated workings.


Can be used for any hex sign, European folk-based design, or even your own art work.  Nice, basic ritual with timing tips included.


All rights reserved.  No part of this offering may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from the Author.

HexSign Empowerment Instructions

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