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Heart Healing Magickal Oil and Sachet


Oil -- 1 ounce of our premium conjure blend of Jojoba Carrier, soothing fragrances, rose quartz bits, and Heart Healing Herbs. 


Sachet -- Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, and Anise Hyssop from Silver's garden.  7 Rose Quartz Chips in separate package are provided if you would like to perform my Seven Alignments Heart Healing Ritual as posted on our blog.  Cotton bag decorated with a vinyl Heart Healing motif.  Bag loosely tied for easy access allowing you to add your name, intent, other gemstones or herbs, and trinkets if you so desire.  


Glitter Cardstock Heart with ribbon to affix to bag.  Write your intentions on the back of the heart.


Heart Healing Theme is for any emotional, love, relationship, working that involves matters of the heart - past, present, or future.  


Do not ingest.  For magickal purposes only.  You are the magick.


Heart Healing Sachet and Oil

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