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Harmony and Balance!  9 Tea Candles - Soy


Introducing "Harmony" Soy Tea Candles – an enchanting blend of nature's finest elements crafted to ignite love, happiness, and family harmony. Infused with the soothing essence of Lotus and Lime fragrance touched with herbal powders, we think these candles create an ambiance that transcends ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.  Folklore claims that many of these ingredients bring disparate energies into agreement, attract wealth, improve career and business success, break negative patterns, and fight depression by coalescing the pattern of harmony in and around people, places, and things.


Product Info

Soy Wax Base: Our candles are crafted with premium soy wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn that lasts longer, promoting a healthier environment.


Nature's Bounty: Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of linden leaf, basil leaves and flowers, cornflowers, and lemon balm herbal powder in every candle. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its calming and uplifting properties, creating a symphony of fragrances that captivate the senses.  The basil and lemon balm were grown in our own gardens the summer of 2023.


Emotional Connection: The thematic essence of "Harmony" revolves around love, happiness, family harmony, and protection of the heart.  Our Blue Birds of Happiness on the candle card can be used as your petition, as a bookmark, or added to your magickal journal.  Light up these candles to infuse your space with positive energy and a sense of emotional well-being.


Why Choose "Harmony" Candles:

  • Unparalleled Fragrance: The Lotus and Lime fragrance creates a captivating aura that invigorates your senses and lingers delicately in the air.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The blue soy tea candles not only emit a soft, soothing glow but also add a touch of elegance to any space, making them perfect for both relaxation and décor.
  • Thoughtful Ingredients: With linden leaf, basil leaves and flowers, cornflowers, and lemon balm, our candles are a harmonious blend of nature's treasures, promoting a serene atmosphere.
  • Heartfelt Themes: Whether you seek love, happiness, family harmony, or the protection of the heart, these candles serve as a symbol of positivity and emotional well-being.


Create Moments That Matter: Ignite "Harmony" candles to transform your surroundings into a haven of tranquility. Perfect for unwinding after a long day, enhancing family moments, or setting the mood for a special occasion.  Indulge in the enchanting experience of our WhisperMagick Candles – where every flicker is a dance of emotions and every scent is a whisper of nature's embrace. Embrace the warmth, share the joy, and let "Harmony" illuminate your moments.



Ingredients:  Soy wax, Harmony and Balance herbal powder, Lotus and Lime fragrance.


Directions for Use:   Place tea candle in a fire-safe holder.  Never leave burning candle unattended, particularly due to the herbals included in wax which can heighten the flame.  Keep flame away from curtains, walls, clothing, and other flammables.  Always monitor any burning candle.  Candles do not babysit themselves.  If you must put the candle out before it finishes burning, remember to trim the wick at next re-light to prevent a heavy flame.


Warning: Please use safe burn practices. Any lit candle is a hazard to life and property.


Disclaimer:  The true magick lies within yourself.  CrowCrossroads Spell Candle Company or the Whisper Magick website does not sell magick, nor do we guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working.  Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials for your religious and practical use.  We believe that if you think it -- you make it.

Harmony and Balance Tea Candles

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