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GloryBee Spiced Honey Attraction Tea Candles -- 9


Spiced Honey with a touch of rose-scented soy wax laced with attraction magickal powder and herbs.  Small amount of Beeswax pellets scattered across top of candle.  


Herbal Blend Ingredients:  Clover, Chamomile, Licorice Root, Jasmine Flowers, Peppermint, and Rose.


Last picture shows our complete Attraction Collection!


Just add the intent, blow on the candle 3 times (to push your energy into the candle), and light the wick! You can whisper a favorite chant, drum, sing, or do nothing at all. Just don't forget -- The magick is in you. A candle is only a tool.


Directions for Use: Remove any wrapping or packing paper. Place candle in a fire safe holder. Never leave burning candle unattended, particularly due to the herbals included in wax. Keep flame away from curtains, walls, clothing, and other flammables. Always monitor any burning candle. ALL BURNING CANDLES ARE A HAZARD TO LIFE AND PROPERTY.  Candles do not babysit themselves.


Disclaimer:  The true magick lies within yourself.  Silver RavenWolf, WhisperMagick Spell Candle Company or the Whisper Magick website does not sell magick, nor do we guarantee the outcome of any meditation, spell, ritual, or magickal working.  Our focus is on a quality product based on construction and materials.  We believe that if you think it -- you make it.


GloryBee Spiced Honey Attraction Tea Candles

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