Forest Gnome -- Keeper of the Owls -- Art Doll - One Of A Kind - Fabric Doll 


Height-- 26  inches head to boots
Weight - 1 pound 5 ounces (approximately)


This is an art doll, designed and constructed by author Silver RavenWolf. He is a Spirit Doll -- his body cavity contains a quartz crystal and sigil for good fortune, good health, and joy.


Huggable Forest Gnome -- Keeper of the Owls is hand-made of soft fleece, Poly Stuffing, Ribbon, Felt, Embroidery Thread, Tulle, Rooster Feathers (ethically sourced), white faux fur, and owl button embellishments.  He has a silver metal triquetra hanging from the tip of his hat (pompoms are so passe, lol).


Keeper of the Owls is a sitting doll -- his legs can dangle over a shelf edge and he has a weighted pocket sewn into the bottom for added stability.   He awaits your naming ceremony with great joy.  He loves nuts of all kinds, rye bread, orange juice, herbal teas, and an occasional lollypop (the BIG ones).  He enjoys feeding the birds and is the Keeper of the Owls, meaning he speaks to them and cares for their spiritual energy.  He likes divinatory tools and walking in the woods or other natural habitat.


Doll is shipped USPS priority insured for full amount.


To me, each doll carries its own special energy. I promise no magick. I give you only a very unique doll and my interesting imagination of her intention. My Spirit Animals and Dolls take many, many hours to design and complete. I work through several stages, using a sewing machine and hand stitchery.  I construct the jewelry, design the clothes, and stitch the hair. I do hope you will adore my dolls as much as I enjoy making them!


Huggable Forest Gnome - Keeper of the Owls Doll

  • If you are not pleased with your art doll, she must be returned within 10 days of receipt, undamaged, for full purchase price.  We will not refund shipping.