Farmhouse Cat - Eleanor with Mouse in Pocket  


Primitive Stuffed Cat -- 
24 inches in length
13 ounces in weight
Original Design


Sturdy body made of painted muslin and baked with coffee and vanilla wash for household good fortune, then sanded.  Delightful theme oriented clothes, jingle bell (to warn you if danger is coming) and come alive good fortune sigil/herbs/crystal stuffed in the body.  Dress and bloomers can be removed and washed.


I create and stitch all the clothing. Every Farmhouse Cat is totally unique.  Eleanor comes with a stuffed mouse with a catnip pocket.  The mouse is purchased.  Eleanor and I went shopping to find just the right one.  The people at Tractor Supply thought I was nuts carrying around a stuffed cat!


Farmhouse Cat is a Spirit Animal Doll.  She is buried in a special box for three days, and then completed with a birthing ceremony before she reaches you.  You don't pay for this.  That's just how I make them.  Birth Certificate for you to color accompanies Cat.


To me, each doll carries its own special energy.  


I promise no magick.


I give you only a very unique doll and my interesting imagination of her intention.  For example, this doll, Eleanor, loves...adores...delights in pumpkins.  She enjoys lollipops, black coffee, and sticky buns.  She is designed for Good Fortune, Protection, and Happiness in the home.


Shipping:  Free Priority Domestic (only) - Insured for full amount

Farmhouse Cat - Eleanor Spirit Doll