Wizard of Dreams -- Protective Dream Sachets

Ingredients include:  Chamomile, Juniper Berries, Lavender, Rose Petals, Hops, Mugwort, and Rosemary.  Crystal and Amethyst Chips.  Approximately 1/2 ounce of formula in each organza bag.


Wizard of Dreams -- for Protection and Positive Vibrations for Dreaming, Meditation, Visions, Teal Leaf Reading, and General Divination

Specifically designed for workings of dreaming, visions, peace, divination, and sweet sleep.  "Trotterhead" (PA Dutch reference to evil) charm on the label.  We use the charm here, repeated 3 times, before sleeping to protect you in slumber.  I also use this charm to combat nightmares. 

Two (2) sachets in 3 x 4 inch organza bag with silver color star charm attached.  Please remove star charm if you will be putting this bag under your pillow.  Do not ingest. 


Sold with one blue chime candle and incense cone.


Formula for magick, prayer, ritual, crafting, and meditation only.  Not to ingest.

Dream Wizard -Dream Sachets - 2