Dog Theme -- Day of the Dead Altar Cloth Set


Delightful design with colorful rainbow doggies! -- Altar Cloth is Rag design hand-made with fringed edges.  Pre-Washed.  Reversible with Black and White tiny skulls pattern on back.  Batting Center. 17 inches by 19 inches.


Set comes with:
1 Bag of Beloved Tea Candles -- my own formula that includes herbals known for calling the dead (myrrh, lavender, and rose).  10 Tea Candles
1 Beloved Magickal Oil for dressing petitions, candles, and tools.  Exotic blend with Jojoba Carrier.  1 ounce -- Herbals and crystal in bottle.
1 4x4 poly bag of birdseed to use as outdoor offerings when making petitions or honoring the dead
1 small clay plate (to use as tea candle holder or as offering plate -- you choose).
4 sticks of "short" incense - sage formula


The Rag Quilting technique is several hundred years old and was an ingenious way to recycle bits of material or worn clothing and bedding.  By feathering the edges of the piece, the fabric could last through many washings and the frayed sides became a cozy art statement.   Some quilters believe that the feathered edges catch and snarl negativity ensuring that its evil power is lost.  The material and batting used for your altar cloth is new.


Great portable set for indoor or outdoor use.  

Dog Theme Day of Dead Altar Cloth Set

  • Hand wash.  Air dry.  Spray starch and Iron to lie flat.