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Revised Digital Download -- 14 pages including cover -- PDF format


Complete Spiritual Cleansing Guidelines and Ritual for Individual or Group work 

Written by author Silver RavenWolf -- a compilation of over fifteen years practice in providing spiritual cleansings for individuals of varied religions.  Suitable for your journal or Book of Shadows.  


A Spiritual Cleansing is a set of activities or procedures most often done in a ritual format designed to:

Remove negative energy from around the body of an individual.
Promote mental healing and stress relief.
Bring fresh insight and positive energy into the individual’s life.
Begin the process of ridding the spiritual body of mental damage caused by self or others.
Cut negative energy ties from the past or let go of painful memories.
Encourage focus on filling the spiritual and physical body with healing thoughts and breath.
Enhance daily life by creating a stronger bond with nature and Universal Love.
Align the Three Bodies of Yourself -- Mental, Physical, and Higher Self.


Download available immediately upon purchase.

Spiritual Cleansing Guidelines & Ritual Digital Download

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