Book Pillow Cover - Lucky Black Cat!
Fits 15x15 inch Pillow or 16x16 inch Pillow


100% cotton -- design is machine pieced with colorful cotton fabrics.  There is nothing better than embracing the Halloween season by cuddling your very own book pillow!  This cute design is handcrafted with a layer of 100% cotton batting to give the front of your book pillow a fuller look.  Lined, sectioned pocket perfect for securing your favorite book or electronic reading device (phone, pad, etc.) and a pen or two. Buttons are plastic. Lucky Black Cat pillow has its own handle for easy transport.  Take with you in the car, camping, or flying.  A marvelous gift!  Add a pillow insert, earphones, and a mini-flashlight.


The cat design is rendered by paper piecing and is constructed using bits of fabric sewn on a paper pattern in a specific order -- much like puzzle pieces.  When the design is completed, the paper is removed.  This design comes from Mary Hertel, author of several books on unique critter techniques.


Note:  Due to shipping expense and vast pillow preferences, pillow insert is not included.  This listing is for the pillow book cover only.  Picture 2 shows what the item looks like with a 16x16 pillow insert.


Size (approximate) 15.5 x 15.5 inches
Pinback button decoration (can be removed)



Book Pillow Cover - Lucky Black Cat

  • Hand Wash.  Air Dry.  Can be lightly ironed and spray starched.  I would not suggest putting cover in dryer.