Book Pillow Cover - Grinning Jack!
Fits 15x15 inch Pillow or 16x16 inch Pillow


100% cotton -- design is machine pieced with colorful cotton seasonal fabrics.  There is nothing better than embracing the Halloween season by cuddling your very own book pillow!  This cute design is handcrafted with a layer of 100% cotton batting to give the front of your book pillow a fuller look.  Lined pocket perfect for securing your favorite book or electronic reading device (phone, pad, etc.).  Buttons are plastic.   Single pocket.


A marvelous gift!  Add a pillow insert, earphones, and a mini-flashlight.


Pumpkin design is a combination of piecing and applique.


Note:  Due to shipping expense and vast pillow preferences, pillow insert is not included.  This listing is for the pillow book cover only.  


Size (approximate) 15.5 x 15.5 inches
Pinback button decoration (can be removed)



Book Pillow Cover - Grinning Jack!

  • Hand Wash.  Air Dry.  Can be lightly ironed and spray starched.  I would not suggest putting cover in dryer.