Big Red! Art Doll - Art Doll - One Of A Kind - Fabric Doll - Rag Doll


Height-- 24 inches head to toes
Weight - 1 pound 8 ounces (approximately)


This is an art doll, designed and constructed by author Silver RavenWolf. She is a Spirit Doll -- her body cavity contains a quartz crystal and sigil for loving comfort, healing, good fortune, and joy.


Big Red!  is hand made of Cotton,  Machine Stitched facial features, Yarn hair, Poly Stuffing, Ribbon, and various embellishments.  


Big Red!  is a rag doll and can sit on her own.  She can't stand unless propped against an object.  Hat secured with sharp hat pin.  


Big Red! is all about major motivation!  She is a get-up and go, get your game on, let's do this doll!  I like to do "mystery" shopping for the dolls.   I go to various stores and wander around until a theme takes hold.  I may see unique fabric, an unusual embellishment, or vibrant yarn that catches on my fishing hook of "what will be".  Big Red's inspiration was the cardinal I found in the floral section.  She has one on her hat, and one on her "wand".  


Big red is in love with any shade or hue of red.  She loves bonfires (as she attended our Winter Solstice one the morning she was born), candle magick, Red Devil cake, ginger, cranberries, maple syrup, the woods, and feeding the birds.  


The bells on the doll and the protection from the evil eye bead decorations are to keep negativity at bay.  If the doll mysteriously rings her bells, pay attention, news or interesting energy is on the way.  


Doll is shipped USPS priority insured for full amount.


To me, each doll carries its own special energy. I promise no magick. I give you only a very unique doll and my interesting imagination of her intention. My Spirit Animals and Dolls take many, many hours to design and complete. I work through several stages, using a sewing machine and hand stitchery.  I construct the jewelry, design the clothes, and stitch the hair. I do hope you will adore her as much as I enjoyed making her!


This one definitely has major spice!



Big Red Rag Doll - Born on Winter Solstice

  • If you are not pleased with your art doll, she must be returned within 10 days of receipt, undamaged, for full purchase price.  We will not refund shipping.