This is a Beboodle.  

A Beboodle II -- Birthed on the Full Moon Scorpio/Taurus


I spent the winter of 2018 incorporating new art doll techniques into my work creating several different styled dolls and learning more about the soft art doll world.  As much as I liked the smaller doll patterns, I missed the sturdy design of my original Beboodles.  You see, a Beboodle can go almost anywhere (camping, hiking, to the shore, ritual in the woods. etc.) without too much worry of damage, and since they are the size of a small infant (22 inches) you aren't going to lose them easily, lol.  Besides, they would remind you and never let you live it down if you left them by mistake somewhere (just kidding).


The result of the new techniques coupled with the re-designed body-style is the Beboodle II!  or Beboodle, Too!  I kept all the things customers loved about the dolls in the new design:  Sturdy body, delightful theme oriented clothes, the magickal chain belt, the jingle bells (to warn you if danger is coming) and the sigil/herbs/crystal stuffed in the body.  The new version has fingers that bend, yarn hair, and soft jointed arms.  The doll displays better sitting than standing.


A Beboodle is a style of spirit doll that I make for protection, happiness, and good fortune.  The doll comes from my dreams and imagination.  I also create and stitch all the clothing. Every Beboodle is totally unique.  


This is:

                                                             Halloween Honey

She is sold with a vial of Talking Head Magickal Powder, used to awaken the doll when you wish to use her for magick.  Just sprinkle a bit on the doll, whisper your command, and then blow 3 times on the doll.  Your sacred breath awakens the magick of the doll -- of course, this is make believe...right?


Beboodle 2.0 design focuses on the painted face and hands.  The body is made of 100% cotton.  Inside the doll's tummy is a magickal stone of some type (in this doll it is a quartz crystal) and a Braucherei charm bag.  She has her own birth certificate -- which you can color.  Halloween Honey is proud of her manicure (by the way).  Her hat is removable - held in place with a sharp hat pin.  


A Beboodle is buried in a special box for three days, and then completed with a birthing ceremony before she reaches you.  You don't pay for this.  That's just how I make them.


To me, each doll carries its own special energy.  


I promise no magick.


I give you only a very unique doll and my interesting imagination of her intention.  For example, this doll, Halloween Honey, adores coffee, drumming, crows, pumpkins, little critters, all the October/November holidays, autumn aromas, September skies, buckets of candy, and patchouli incense.  


Height:  About 22 inches

Weight:  About 1pound 3 ounces


A Beboodle takes many, many hours to design.  I work through several stages, using a sewing machine and hand stitchery.  I paint the eyes and face myself, construct the jewelry, design the clothes, and sew the hair.  I do hope you will adore her as much as I enjoyed making her!


Shipping:  Free Priority Domestic (only) - Insured for full amount

Beboodle II - Halloween Honey