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Solar Eclipse Healing Water — July 2010

Water, Fire, Sacred Herbs and Loving Heart

Healing Waters -- Herb, Fire, Water and Loving Heart

Rise up oh flame From your light glowing Show to us Beauty Wisdom and Joy — Girl Scout Campfire Song when starting any sacred fire.

As the Moon and Sun Become One -- So Spirit Cleanses Me

As the Moon and Sun Become One -- So Spirit Cleanses Me

You will need: 1 Bowl of Water Herbs that speak to you of cleansing — here, we used only two — Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass One White Candle

The water stands for both the moon and sun in Cancer (this eclipse), the water also stands for its own element, the herbs correspond to earth and cleansing, the white candle for the element of fire, and the song (or your favorite chant) is the holy breath (air).

Light your candle before the eclipse to soak up the energies that lead up to and include the eclipse.  If you can, and the flame will hold, place your bowl of water and candle outside with a clear view of the heavens.  Use your favorite incantation for healing right as the eclipse comes into form, or use the caption incantation above if you like.  Bottle, refrigerate and share the water with magickal friends, or use in your own workings for healing, happiness, and future good health.

Just a bit of magick is all you need to lift the heart and plant the seed.


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