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Sending Healing Energy — Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

At first, I wasn’t going to post this…because you might think I was stupid, or too far out there, or maybe even crazy.  Yet, there is a time to step up to the plate and hit the ball…come what may.  Here goes.

Humanity is a group mind.  It is a God/dess mind.  It is the Spirit within and around everyone and everything.   It is pure potential.  It is the stuff that your life is made of.  All you need do is access your thoughts.  Choose what is right for you, and then combine that choice with positive action.  You can choose for others, too.  You can choose to surround them with love and healing.  Whether they accept that energy is up to them — their free will.

And the thing will come to pass.

Think of yourself as breathing in the “potential” and directing that potential to a finite end point of what you desire as you breathe out.

Today, I awoke to the awful shooting in Colorado.  I ask, that you, as a part of the Group Mind of Humanity to work with me to send healing and love to the lost, to the wounded, to those in pain.  Sit quietly, put on your headphones, and play the song by Elven Drums — 1-1-1.  As you listen, see the spirits of love and healing merging together around those people in pain.  Breathe in the potential — breathe out the healing and love.  Do it with every single breath.  Hang on through the whole song.  You will see the spirits surrounding them.  You may first feel the pain; but, keep going — because you will feel the joy of the group mind in action.

I promise you will not regret this working.  There are 6,000 of you out there that subscribed to the blog.  Strong, good people.  Think of what we can do!  Please, today, just try.

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